X-Men 3: The Last Stand

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This review will have mild spoilers, and I will be posting major spoilers in the comments. Consider yourself warned.

Going into this movie, I admit, I was concerned. The 52% Tomatometer rating made me wonder if Brett Ratner had wrecked what Bryan Singer had established with the first two films. There are rough spots, mainly some clunky dialogue, but overall, it’s pretty damn good. This is the X-Men film that you were waiting for.

For those of you who never read the comics and liked the movies, you will like it. The characters are consistent with how they’ve been portrayed in the previous two movies, and the movie does not skimp on doing radical things with them. Some of the characters are changed permanently by the events of the movie. A few of them die. And through it all, there’s a real sense of finality to this chapter, as well as many interesting possibilities for future installments.

For those of you who are long-time X-geeks, you will still like it. You have to accept that certain things are going to be glossed over or changed, though. The Juggernaut is a mutant, and there’s apparently no connection between him and Xavier. There is no explanation given for the Beast’s blue fur. Callisto is in there, but there are no Morlocks mentioned. The Phoenix isn’t an alien force, instead it’s something else that actually makes more sense.

I have nitpicks, but they are minor. I was hopeful when I heard Hallie Berry didn’t want to return this time, but instead she got an expanded role which just showcases her bland portrayal of what was a standout character in the comics. Also, apparently you need to be a teenage or twentysomething with facial tattoos and punkish hair to join Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. You’re telling me that there aren’t disgruntled clean-cut older mutants out there who would join up with him?

And there was no Sabertooth. Every movie needs more Sabertooth. Don’t let that stop you, though, go see this.

– Roger