Rules for EG

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For those new to posting content, new to EG or just want to know the do’s and don’ts, click away. This is important. Everyone should read this once.

1. Don’t post pornography. Link to it, if you have to – but don’t post it. You can obscure certain things or mask it or whatever – but it’s a badling.

2. Don’t post other people’s content verbatim. The beauty of the web is that it’s a shared medium – you can sum up someone else’s sort and share the link to their content. Otherwise, it’s a copyright violation. Sharing YouTube or other content, where encouraged, is fine – but don’t cut & paste other people’s content.

The basic rule of thumb is just to sum up the story and offer the hyperlink to the source. You can quote, but don’t just grab the whole thing.

3. Don’t promote yet. Please. We’re not ready yet – getting there – but please respect that I want us to have certain things in place before we “go public.”

4. DO use your address. I have it routing to your “real” email, and I can change it whereever you prefer. Just let me know – and if you don’t know what your EG email is, ask away as well.