New Cars Trailer


I’ve had faith in this film ever since the first glimpse back in November 2004. I knew, even before Lasseter assumed the role of the new Walt that he would never steer this six-years-in-the-making passion project off course. Finally, here we get a closer glimpse to back that up. Seriously…with this and Pirates I could not be more happy it’s summer.

Check out the new trailer Here.


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2 Responses

  1. Burnt Leader says:

    SPOILERS?  How a bout a warning next time??

  2. junk in the tape says:

    I agree we need spoiler warnings, though I think it should go without saying that any theatrical trailer is bound to have spoilers, duh.

    Gotta say, of course it looks good and fun and all.  I’m sure Pixar, with their high writing standards, have another hit here.  Though I will need a little extra convincing since I’m not a car buff and as Eros pointed out, the humor seems a little redneck.

    But I have faith.  Heard good things about Over the Hedge as well, though their most recent trailer isn’t too hot.  Still, buzz from the animators at Dreamworks (who so far haven’t really liked any of the films they’ve worked on) is that “Hedge” comes close to Pixar quality in terms of story and character.

    So that’s encouraging…