By opting not to renew its global marketing alliance with McDonald’s as well as radically rethinking the types of food products that its characters will now be allowed to help promote, the Walt Disney Company is hoping that it will be able to avoid being sucked into the pending “Big Food” litigation.

If you’re into collecting somewhat unique Disney collectibles, you may want to pick up a set of the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” toys that your local McDonald’s will be selling later this summer.

You see, those toys (which will be tucked inside the ten of millions of Happy Meals that McDonaldÂ’s will be serving in July) Â… TheyÂ’ll be the last Disney-themed child-related items that the fast food giant will ever sell.

Come August, the Mouse & Mickey D’s will then try & forge some sort of new working relationship. One that will (hopefully) allow Disney to still promote its TV shows, movies and theme parks to all of the adults who daily visit the 30,000-plus McDonald’s restaurants that currently operate worldwide. But – at the same time – Mickey will be looking to scrupulously avoid having any of its characters and/or any of the corporation’s other products, productions & resorts used to sell junk food to children under 12.

Why is Disney doing this? Well, the Mouse’s attorneys are looking to distance the Walt Disney Company from the next big legal storm on the horizon. Which is all the pending “Big Food” litigation.

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  1. Arrrg.  Despite my diet, I shall hunt down these treasures.  I for one am happy there shall be no more need to frequent that grease pit (and my former home) after this.

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