Very good.

Screened at Tribeca Film Festival. This film is a documentary about the passengers of an immigrant smuggling ship that ran aground near New York City in 1993. Very insightful film that follows 4 passengers and their ongoing struggles to gain citizenship, which of course they have been denied. It’s the type of film that makes you very proud of the country we live in. I swear to god I’m ready to move to France.

just take a look at these facts to understand what a complex and fascinating story this is:
286 passengers were on the ship.
262 men, 24 women
10 died.
6 escaped.
14 juveniles were released to court custody.
35 received political asylum.
55 were released on bond or INS parole.
Two received artists visas.
53 were released on a parole from President Clinton, but were not awarded legal status.
111 were deported, including 12 who found political asylum in Latin America.
Of the 111 deported, its believed that about half have returned to the US illegally.

See it if you can: