Tangina Passes On To The Other Side

Zelda Rubinstein (Tangina from Poltergeist)

Zelda Rubinstein has died today at the age of 76. The poor woman was hospitalized over a month ago, and has been languishing with ongoing health issues until the time of her death. Zelda was best known as Tangina from Poltergeist, declaring that “this house is now clean.” What a wonderful spirit. She will be missed.

Source: KDVR

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2 Responses to “Tangina Passes On To The Other Side”

  1. Donk Land Cruiser says:

    Awww. Her Poltergeist monologue is still the best ever. When she starts in with “now hold on to yourselves” jesus christ I still get the shivers.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    This is sad.

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