I Don’t Buy It!!


So about a half hour ago Whatever Works ends and i walk out of the lincoln plaza happy that i enjoyed a Woody Allen film for the first time since Match Point. Then, the cryptic texts start coming in…”I’m sorry…” from Shanty….”Poor MJ”….etc etc – as i exit onto the street i immediately try to get on the phone — AT&T won’t let me connect…i look up to notice EVERYONE walking by on their various devices…what the hell is going on!!????!!

FINALLY, Google reader launches and i see the headlines…

Shortly after some more texts to figure this out – it appears to be confirmed. Not for me.

Think about it – from the moment those 100 concerts in England were announced i knew he would NEVER be able to stick with that…a concert every other night? In his condition? Believe me i had expedia lauched and was checking flights to the UK until i remembered his MSG performances on 9/9/01 and 9/10/01. He could barely perform back then. No way.

If i know MJJ, this is what happened = Back when these shows were announced , his entire collection was about to be put up for auction. I believe he hastily put this ill-thought-out concert series together in hopes of raising enough money to buy back his stuff.
After a successful campaign to have the auction stopped – and the July kick off to the shows loomed closer, Micheal began to realize that A) he didn’t need to do this any more and b) he could NEVER really expect to physically do 8 months of concerts straight.

The first few dates were already mysteriously “postponed” a few weeks back, the reason being that “more rehearsal time was needed.”

When the day came for the announcement to be made that the whole thing had to be canceled – the only folks who still love him on the planet would turn on him and hunt him down like Frankenstein’s monster until the day he died. And that’s when he thought of it – it makes perfect sense. We know he loves disguises and to this day wears masks when he visits Disney parks.

He probably always knew at some point he would pull an Elvis and fake the end. He may not have planned to do it today – but here was the chance to get out of the concerts without the hatred, as well as regain the sympathy of the world.
Look out for this disuise...
I actually personally think this is his greatest master stroke. He has a bunch of tracks he worked on with ass hole Will.I.Am that will no doubt surface in the near future to keep him going Tupac style. It was really the best way out for him when you put all the pieces together.

And if i’m wrong, then maybe longtime EG reader “The Alathal” is right and Ajelica Housten finally Killed Captain EO after all.


MJ and Henson

Be on the lookout for him in disguise….

MJ In Disguise 2009

If it’s true, we still have the Indian MJ:

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No Responses to “I Don’t Buy It!!”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    LOL!  I hope you’re right.  If so, I have a *little* more respect for him.

  2. Wonkatron says:

    sad to the public but what we don’t know

    is that mike was already done with this earthly flow

    night before now he had been taken

    by dr kilkult to the moon to be maken

    surgery for the return of his beautiful face

    and now his presence and music can be felt throughout space.

    this is only the beginning, for we shall see how far

    his cosmic legend goes being truly among the stars.

  3. Wonkatron says:

    (in reply to Cybergosh)

    hmmmm i think you may have a valid point there.  shit. there’s no way of knowing now. it might have been just an option of going out hated ‘til old age and fading away slowly (his music also disappearing amongst the new digital age) or to go out untimely and mysteriously becoming truly a legend and then never to be forgotten- also not forgetting releasing the ENTIRE CATALOG AGAIN in Blue Ray– commemoratively .  it think it’s an obvious choice.

  4. damnu2hel says:

    Soo I think you are on to something big Chris. Yesterday at approx 6pm when I logged on to my compie a lot of the media sources had proclaimed MJ officially dead. All except one: CNN. They seemed reluctant to report his “death.” Instead they were either claiming he was alive, in a coma, or that other media reports were saying he was dead. I wish I had captured a screen shot of it. Before I knew it, they had finally updated it to state he was in fact gone. But that little gliche in reporting made me wonder: Do they know something we don’t? Did they just follow along in order to satiate the masses? Their reluctance seems to be evidence that there lies a hint of mystery in what happened. I smell a coverup. Maybe the Jackson family paid everyone off. They were always good at covering the truth. Maybe they are keeping the fact that Michael transformed himself into a futuristic car and drove off Moonwalker style veiled from us, until Michael makes the ultimate re-appearance and takes on Mr. Big for the ultimate showdown. 

    <a href=”http://sfist.com/2009/06/25/michael_jackson_dead.php”>

  5. brittany says:

    uhmm what u just said was seriously whack y would u talk about some 1 who is dead like he is a piece of crap ok he made a couple of mistakes but dont we all i just think what u said was very very lame what type of person would say such crazy things about him like u did are you white because what ur saying sure seems racist and tupac WHAT…………………… michael jackson isnt that type of person he wouldnt fake his on death i mean come on he has a family he wouldnt do anything like that bcuz he loved his kids alot he did noting but try to help people in need and little kids because he didnt have much of a child hood! his farther was very mean and barely spoke 2 him unless he was getting fussed at! while yo dumb ass is just over there talking about how crazy he was michael gave back sooooo much to the fuckin community so u can take that bull shit else where because michael jackson is and will allways be the king of pop


  6. e says:

    Go Brittany. Wow. I reckon you really have a bunch of respect for MJ. I was a big fan back in the 80s, back when I was a kid. Course when I found out he was a pedophile, can’t say I cared much for him. Would have rather seen his actual body hung by a noose, of course, televised for the world to see. Yeah. We have all made mistakes. But when you rape children again and again and get away with it by buying off the parents for millions of dollars. Well, then you pretty much are a piece of crap. As for your accusations of racism, I would pretty much guess that you’re a negro. Course color makes no difference when it comes to crime. Their are plenty of white, latino, mixed, negro. etc pedophiles. They all deserve the same punishment. It’s a fact they cannot be rehabilitated. They always rape more children if released to the public. So why not enforce the death penalty for our child rapers. The only thing MJ did that separated him from the rest of the pedophiles is he had the millions to pay of the parents. MJ” Gee, thanks for letting me rape and fondle your little boy, I’d say that’s worth about $20million to settle out of court. By the way, he was a sweet little thing” wink wink.  “King of Pop”, hell. “King of Pedophilia” is MUCH more appropriate.

  7. "E" Got Touched says:

    E… In my experience, folks who have so much pent up rage toward peds are folks who themselves got their wee wees and ginas touched themselves.  Which is nothing to laugh at and for that, I sympathize with you.

    Now, everyone!  Check out this awesome site, I agree with with this post about MJ fakin it and sodoes this site it seems!…


  8. Princessnjj says:

    You know first of all do you really know all the facts? How can you bad mouth a dead man. Why are you jealous of some one who is now dead. To compare him to elvis is rediculous. Not to mention i hope you go straight to hell becase thats where people go who haver no respect for life.

  9. cybergosh says:

    What? Wait?  Princess, are you addressing me?  I was not bad mouthing him.  And youre right, to compare him to Elvis IS rediculous – MJ was a million times more awesome.  (Elvis never had a Captain EO.) I’m confused. Maybe you were addressing this “E” character.  All i know is i myself did not even realize just how right my theory was…

    To “E Got Touched” – thanks for this site! 

    THIS is amazing:


  10. E Got Touched Aint Got It says:

    There should be no sympathy for any person who feels above the law. Anyone who repeatedly commits crimes against society, especially those that hurt people must feel they are above the law, because they do not keep the law.

    Death does not “erase” your past, it kinda puts an end to it. Being ‘respectful” to the dead has nothing to do with calling a spade a spade.

  11. Princessnjj says:

    i was talking to brittany she coming across ignorant as all hell.  the mouth on her and the way she express herself make me ashamed to be a black woman.  Brittany go to school, get an education, and learn how to express yourself without coming across like a chickenheaded ass fool.  Michael would be embarrassed to know some fat ass fool like yourself be defending him.  He’d be all like, ‘’nah, Brit, its cool, don’t waste yo time defending me, now go drop your ten kids off in daycare and go back to braiding school and make your crack head momma proud.” See dumbass THAT’S racist (tho you probably sitting there going “aww shit how’d she know?” ) but some honky going on about Michael faking his death HOW’S THAT RACIST?  I wish Michael was alive, I’d tell him to go have Bubbles slap upside the head.

  12. Mia says:

    You know, if that’s not true, you just said some seriously offensive stuff :L

  13. twilight says:

    wtf michael jackson would not fake his death nd who ever is hating and main up this shit r stupid! he is and will always be king of pop nd who ever doesnt like it fuck u! michael did great things his music was awesome nd no one can do wa he did! he wa great his sons were one of a kind nd who ever made this shit up is stupid y would he fake it if he knew he would leave his kids alone!! michael did not rape kids that was a stupid rumor that ppl made up!! if he would have raped kids there would have been evidence nd there wasnt so there for he was innocent!!

  14. eww says:

    okayy that was seriouslyy stupidd he wudnt fake his death…whatta fukin assholee.!

  15. Friend_Of_MJJ says:

    EWW, I will have you know I am someone in MJ’s close inner-circle.  And while I, of course, cannot reveal my identiy what I can do is confirm that Micheal’s bodywas indeed IN the coffin, although he was very alive, in the Thriller make up, giggling.

    The reason the event ended a few minutes early was due to the fact he was losing his oxygen supply.

    I hope this clears things up.  Mr. Cybergosh, good sir, please I do ask to keep your knowledge of the situation to yourself from here on out as my boss finally has what he has wanted for a long time – anonymity and peace.  Please I ask of you do not jeopardize this.  Thank You and God Bless.

    PS – oops i was actually just typing my name and I realized and erased it right before I hit the “Submit” – that would have been, for lack of a better pun, BAD.

  16. tw says:

    Michael Jackson was the best musician ever.

  17. Cybergosh says:

    “twilight” – yes, he would and he DID.  But no worries, you’re ok in my book, just a little naive maybe.  Anyway, I just popped in to say how cool was that to see “Paris Jackson” at the end of the ceremony today?  Very emotional and moving.  It was just so surreal seeing this person who always seemed sort of not even real ‘til now.

    Aside from that – I just got frustrated with the entire thing.  Mariah, Usjer and Fat Hudsen tainting his songs to all the celeb “pals” – where were they when MJ needed them by his side a few years ago?  MJ, you should be glad you did what you did and I only hope “Friend of MJ” is right and you found the peace you were looking for.”

  18. princessnjj says:

    To “E” lat time i checked the constitution said that one innocent until provent guilty. Now you talk about rapen children again and again, it seems odd that there were no other cases and not to mention the kid never got on the stand actually said Michael Jackson touched. Now just because one was settled out of court does not mean he did anything to them. Why wouldnt he touch the kids he calls his own or even Macallu culkin, mean they were best buds and we all know that kid would have spilled the beans. Futher more leave Brittany alone just because she had the courage to stand up for some one she admired, and you should not be judging people by their color. Makes me wonder if your a red neck craker who got fucked when he was little by a close family member!

    To Cybergosh you should really shut the hell up, first jennifer is pregnant not fat, which means she is carring a child insider her body in case you didnt know what that ment. If you have nothing good to say then keep you damn mouth close. You have no clue who was in and out of Michael’s life so keep your fowl comments about other people to yourself. As a matter of fact why dont you contact those people you just bad mouthed directly, let me know how that one turns out!

  19. Cybergosh says:

    Wait, I’m on your side.  I agree with you, Princess.

    (That just made me feel like Han.  Imagine me saying that to you like Han.)

    Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah – I agree with you.  And the giant hudson beast is preggy that’s even MORE gross.  Cause that would mean- jesus i can’t even think about that oh my god.

    But yeah.  MJ is the greatest there ever was.

    Now instead of all fighting let’s discuss PARIS Jackson…i still cannot believe the world got to meet his kids, technically, for the first time today.  That was emotional.

  20. Michael Jackson says:

    Knock Knock.

    Who’s there?

    Jennifer Hudson’s family.

    Jennifer Hudson’s family who?


  21. innocense until proven guildty says:

    yes. the constitution does say innocent until proven guilty. however, our judicial system does not support that theory at all. I do treat everyone with respect and dignity and always assume they are a “good” person.

    Reading all of the ins and outs of his pedo cases, I can say that in my mine “if it looks like a ducks, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck”.

    To his fans, I’m sorry for your loss. His death was untimely. Hope you find solace in the many celebrations of his life.

    And to your comment about me being a redneck cracker, well you are way off base. I myself am African American. I do not believe in racism, it is hate. However, people only see racism as whites against blacks and there is much more racism than that. How about blacks being racist about whites or whites being racist about mexicans. NONE of it is right. So thanks, but no thanks. No crackers here. Just a person wanting to see things played out fairly. Why not honor Ed Mcmaen just ast much as MJ. Ed for cryingout loud served the military. And he was a television Icon. Yet, He gets absolutely no press coveraage. Or Fawcett, seh too was a tv Icon, yet noone seems to be missing her.

    LEts all work together to give everyone a fair chance.

  22. princessnjj says:


    innocense until proven guildty on 07/08 at 02:46 AM | Permalink

    What happens is if the fan base isnt there then how do you expect people to pay tribute to these people. If it seems they are not missed then its becasue maybe just maybe they arent. I dont have anything against neither of the two stars you mentioned but i wasnt a fan of theres. Their fans morned in their way.

    Now back to Michael, let the man alone, hes dead and gone and people still holdnt some bullshit that no one i repeat no one knows what happen. oh and dont forget the ugly duck wasnt a duck but a beautiful swan. NO rasims here thank you im just tired of everyone trying to say they knew what a man ,who was in the public eye, was thinking or had to go through

  23. Reality says:

    lets be honest Michael didnt want to be left alone he wanted to keep on being the king of pop even tho his time had passed.  he wanted to keep performing, keep selling out arenas, even tho his body couldnt take it so he pumped himself full of painkillers.  he could have have musical dignity, continued to write, produce, but no his ego wouldnt let him.  Any legal troubles he had was because he did STUPID SHIT!!!  Spendinng outside of what he could afford, dangling babies out windows c’mon its not america trying to take down a black man!  The cool thing about Michael was that most people saw him as a performer, not a Black performer, people of every race liked him!

    i agree with Innocence, racism exists with everybody, Black people themselves can be the most racist even with each other, thinking one person is better because they are light skinned or have a thinner nose, so please lets just say Michael had problems, he was a great performer, but he wouldnt have been if his dad didnt push him like a maniac, so what are we really celebrating here?  a man with natural born talent that was beaten down by his own father to become obsessed with performing?  Yes Michael was good, but at what cost?  So everyone shut up already.