Creepy Ghost Hunters-esque Video Game: Ghostwire

This is a weird one. You run around with your Nintendo DSi (which now has a camera) and just pop it open to scan a real place: the subway station, your office, the bedroom. And every once and a while, you find… gasp… a GHOST!! And then you talk to it, and it has a creepy voice. I like it, but not enough to get a Nintendo DSi. The game is called Ghostwire. Wooooo!

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No Responses to “Creepy Ghost Hunters-esque Video Game: Ghostwire”

  1. shanty irish says:

    I love that!  I like the old school feel of it, it reminds me of Juggernaut, which took up waaaay too much of my life for a while there.  Anyway if I was a ghost I’d tell that lady the belt/harem pants combo wasn’t a good idea for her shape. 

    Speaking of ghosts I can’t believe once again the old celebrities die in 3’s happened, Ed, Farrah, Michael…jeez.  They’re gone but everyone on NYC Prep is a-ok, that doesn’t seem right.