Why Chris Should Never Own a Nintendo Wii


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No Responses to “Why Chris Should Never Own a Nintendo Wii”

  1. shanty irish says:

    BergyFun4u:  Y dont u cum over i have a wii we can play together

    CandyGirl15:  i prob shouldn’t i dont really know u

    BergyFun4u:  cum on dont be silly u know u can trust me i’m just looking for someone to hang out with promise its not like i’m a raper LOL

    CandyGirl15:  i know but its really late i’m not even dressed.

    BergyFun4u:  cum on it will be an adventure and dont worry about being dressed

    CandyGirl15: OK then my parents are out seeing that stupid new Pixar movie it looks so gay LOL so i guess i could be back b4 they get home. 

    CandyGirl15:  Hellloooooo?

    CandyGirl15:  where’d u go?  should i come over or not?