5-29-09 In Pictures


Fat. Tired. Hot.

The New IDOL Experience

Kris Allen.  Still very upset at his win over Lambert.

Karl cheered me up.

Meeting Karl and Doug only a few hours before seeing them on the screen.

LaGaia.  Why?  WHY?

Matthew Wood and Peter Mayhew join Jay LaGaia on stage for Star Wars Weekends


Goin' up after UP!

So Long, Boys!!

Downtown Disney

Pixar did it again

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No Responses to “5-29-09 In Pictures”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    1.  Are you as tall as an old crippled man, or is he abnormally tall?

    2.  Is that Dwayne “formerly The Rock” Johnson?  I can’t tell.

  2. cybergosh says:

    I tagged the pics, but, oddly, some browsers don’t allow you to see it when you scroll over ‘em.  I WISH it were Dwayne.  Then it would have been cool.  It’s the lovable fan fave Jay LaGaia, your host of SW Weekends ‘09 (BOO!  Bring back WARWICK!!)

    PS – I am very short and continue to shrink day by day.