‘Rush_Recovered’ Trailer

Direct from Amsterdam, Holland: the new official trailer has just been released for Rush_Recovered, the short ‘recovered’ data from Rush_Full_Version (Not A Demo); programmed by Ed Jansen and co-produced by Bergoch. The Macias, Snaker and Stunch can all be spotted in this glimpse of the years-in-the-making visual odyssey.

“Check it out and forward it,” says Jansen, “so we can create some quantum buzz and get this baby in some festivals!”

Rush_Recovered gets uploaded later this year.

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No Responses to “‘Rush_Recovered’ Trailer”

  1. Wonkatron says:

    This looks like this could be the best short film ever made on this side of the Milky Way!  Okay, I don’t know about that– it’s the direktor of RUSH here droppin’ in.  But on a half serious note, if everyone reading this can join hands across the world, close your eyes and focus REALLY REALLY hard on this film playing in a good festival and blowing everyone away and teleporting them 15 minutes into an alternate brighter future, that would be great.  Or you can just forward the trailer to some friends, that’s cool too.

    Full serious:  Bergy is the coolest guy in NYC – don’t get it twisted!