I wasn’t sure about Primeval because I was so sick of seeing the preview while suffering through the increasingly irritating Regal First Look. (“We went behind the scenes with American Gladiators…”) Shut. Up. Start. The. Movie.

But I caught up with it this weekend and found it to be entertaining and clever. (though not quite as clever as I expected, being it was from the Brits and all…oh well, I got served by stereotyping again, just like when I cheated off Suzi Chan in Algebra and wound up with a 67 and a “WHAT HAPPENED?” scrawled in red…) Anyway, its clever enough, it has dinosaurs, and it follows the Deep Blue Sea can’t miss casting rules of a great looking leading man and a woman who runs around in her underwear. There’s a marathon on BBC America August 31st, 4pm EST, if you need an excuse to avoid the family barbecue and hearing the dreaded “so, you working?”

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No Responses to “ANGLO-x-PHILES!”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    I only saw the first episode but I liked it enough to watch more of it.  I missed the marathon, but thankfully, there seems to be a pipe that runs into my house and directly into my computer and sometimes, things just fall onto it.  Like TV shows.

  2. junky says:

    I went to tivo this but saw no upcoming episodes??

  3. Shanty Irish says:

    And so the Robot War of 2008 began quietly, when common household items such as TIVO began asserting their own taste, refusing to record or even mention any program not to its liking…

    Its on Saturday nights, BBC America, at 8 and 9pm.  Don’t let SkyNet get away with this!

  4. Vishal Jain says:

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