Sex Sells, But There’s Strangers Among Us!

I’m a little surprised by the latest box office stats. I guess the dearth of horror flicks gave The Strangers its strong opening, but it seemed so generic. Surprised that Indy didn’t top $50M, but so far, still a great summer for Paramount.

1. Sex and the City (New Line)
$55.7 million | 3,285 | $55.7 million | 1

2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Paramount)
$46.0 million | 4,264 | $216.9 million | 2

3. The Strangers (Rogue Pictures)
$20.7 million | 2,467 | $20.7 million | 1

4. Iron Man (Paramount)
$14.0 million | 3,650 | $276.6 million | 5

5. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Buena Vista)
$13.0 million | 3,801 | $115.7 million | 3

Courtesy: Box Office Mojo

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No Responses to “Sex Sells, But There’s Strangers Among Us!”

  1. cybergosh says:

    Indy should have made more.  Remember when films like this would stay number 1 for weeks and weeks and weeks?  Nowadays, no matter how big and long-awaited the film is, it has one week to shine.  I hate it.

    I love KotCS.  Every time i love it more and more and it actually becomes faster moving the more i see it.  Going for the tenth time this week!

    PLEASE do not see THE STRANGERS. More overhyped crap and perhaps one of the worst films and worst moviegoing experiences of my life.  Frustrating on so many levels it made want to punch myself in the face and shit on my own eyes.

    How dare they waste my time with that shit.

    I dont know why i didn’t just walk out.

  2. junky says:

    “Remember when films like this would stay number 1 for weeks and weeks and weeks?” To which I say, “Remember when films like this were good?” Sorry, couldn’t resist.  I do agree that the box office system has gotten do disgusting, so many movies, causing opening weekend grossess to be nothing more than one-time scores before the films go overseas.  It really is sad – there is so much less magic about the movies overall.  It used to be an EVENT, that would last for weeks and show us things we never saw.

    Now big screen spectacles are a dime a dozen, there are a hundred ways to watch them, effects have made anything possible, etc.  All the mystique is gone.  There will always be exceptions, which is great.  But the relationship with the movies that we all had is children will not be the same relationship that kids today have, or that our own children will have.  ]

  3. cybergosh says:

    We saw a different movie, man.

    And – before you have these “children,” please take a plane ride to anywhere before making your final decision.

  4. Eros Welker says:

    It’s all perfectly in line.  Kids today have attention spans less than Bergy, so winning a weekend is amazing.  Their kids will be sitting around as daily grosses are reported and they’ll say to them, “I remember when movies used to be judged on a weekend!”

    And the kid will laugh at them as their newly-acquired copy of Final Fantasy 21 outsold the entire box office for the weekend in a day.