Goin’ Postal: A Danalogue

Nope, not going to see Postal — just Postin’. Thought I’d get all Bilbo Bloggins on yer faces. It’s been awhile, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately, in words and pictures.


I really was disappointed by Indiana Jones but I’ve tried to cast aside any fanboy drama and simply leave it at that. My own personal way to cope has been to simply pretend it doesn’t exist, and will be nothing more than a feature-length bonus feature on what I’m sure will be a huge HD-DVD box set at Christmas. It’s like the Star Wars Xmas Special to me – a novelty.


I attended my brother-in-law’s wedding in FLA. For a celebration with not one alien in attendance (unless you count kitchen staff) it was a pretty awesome bash.


My wife and dog-babies remain the source of all my happiness.


I’m a kick-ass cook. This week alone I made a pizza, lasagna, broiled Salmon with pesto potatoes and veggies, raspberry glazed chicken with rice & peas, chicken-infused string beans, cheese burgers with home-made fries, and a two-layer chocolate cake.


And for the past few months I’ve been running a weekly Tuesday-night D&D group for dorks like me:


I worked on Robot Chicken for a few weeks:


Am back (after being initially passed on) developing a cartoon series for Nickelodeon (cross yer fingers for me):


Am developing a cartoon series with photographer Brian McCarty:


All that – and I’ve recently had a most welcome addition to my West-Coast family:


So what have YOU guys been up to??

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No Responses to “Goin’ Postal: A Danalogue”

  1. bURNT says:

    Wow!  Cool stuff!  How can we beat that?  Perhaps I will catch up with you in person (this week : ) and you can cook for me AND maybe I can meet your new friend.  Love this post!

  2. junktape says:

    Welcome to town – I will be “on set” this Thursday!!  I’m sure we could all have dinner, too – any night but Tuesday.  That’s the night we roll dice….


  3. Battlestar Tiffactica says:

    Damn, that pizza looks good! So glad you posted this. I was wondering what you and “your new friend” were up to. It’s nice to put images to all the fun I was sure you were both havin’. {jealous face}. tee hee

  4. Spcglider says:


    You and I gotta hang out sometime.  Honestly.  And I’m not just talking shaking hands at San Diego.

    D&D?  Hellfire! I’ve been itching to dig out some character sheets for years!  Its been SO long since I’ve dusted off the ol’ dice bag.

    I continue to plug my sitcom concept (Transylvania Television) by making sure everyone has a chance to see it (at http://www.transylvania-tv.com).  Thanks for the words of encouragement!  We’re most likely going to move ahead with a second episode by the end of summer. Its freaking expensive to make a show…. y’know?

    Oh, by the way, if you haven’t looked it up, you need to watch the net-film Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection. Its a true attaempt at re-creating the feel of an OLD Star Trek episode. I and my company did an assload of effects shots, miniatures and hand props for them as well as building the majority of their sets on-location in Texas.  Go to http://www.starshipexeter.com

    Labor of love.

    -Gordon (Puppet Forge)