Uwe Boll, My New Pen Friend

Thought Alone in the Dark could’ve been slightly better? Tell it to Uwe!

So the hooligan over at filmdrunk posted what he claimed to be Uwe Boll’s email, encouraging people to write him, that story’s funnier than my little humble post, I encourage you to read it. Anyway, bored at work (aww hell, I don’t have to justify it, who DOESN’T have a few things to say to Uwe Boll?) I emailed Uwe asking if he’d consider directing the next Resident Evil film, seeing as the last one was an abomination and I thought the franchise could use the Uwe touch. I totally forgot he directed House of the Dead. This email wasn’t very well thought out.

Well I’ll be damned I got the following reply with the above picture a few hours later:


thanks for the support shanty

uwe boll

postal -may 23


If that’s not from the real Uwe, if that’s not his real email and its someone even more bored than me who created a fake Uwe email and answers fan and hate emails, I don’t want to know. Let me have my new German filmaking friend. Postal May 23rd indeed!!! Who knew Uwe Boll is more accessible than my real father?

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No Responses to “Uwe Boll, My New Pen Friend”

  1. junky says:

    LOL, this is awesome and I want to believe in my heart that it is indeed him.  You should start writing to him asking for personal advice and see if he responds with anything other than thanking you for the support.  I’d love it if Ewe Boll was my pen pal and we sent each other lol cats links…

  2. Uwe says:

    haha, yes, i am laghing out loudly as i am reading this for just today someone sends me photo grah of kitten stuk up in the tree, funny enogh yes but then the wording””Hang in there”” lol-ing somtimes with the stressis of making the film you will just needing something to make you smile and tree kitten did it! and yes fans i will ‘’hang in there” tho not in tree with the kitten lol i will be ‘’hanging’at the cinema may 23 postal!



  3. Uwe Boll says:

    This is not me and I do answer emails.  I do not speak broken English, yet nice try.

    Postal seien sie mein feinster film schon!

  4. Roger says:

    Uwe, are you still doing the boxing thing where you beat the crap out of people in the ring? There’s a guy here who goes by the handle “Bake Snaker” who could really use a beating.

  5. bake snaker says:

    I bought a bootleg copy of Postal on the streets of Shanghai… it was dubbed in German so I chucked it… but the first 5 minutes is… well let’s just say, if I had a family member or friend who died on 9/11, I would want to murder Uwe.