Why Are We Not Talking About CJ7?!

I cannot wait until Friday !!!

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No Responses to “Why Are We Not Talking About CJ7?!”

  1. Shanty Irish says:

    The 1812 Overture seems a little embarrassed to be in that.  “oh…I’ve gone from a triumphant celebratory battle song to hyping a little alien who helps kids cheat…that’s cool…I guess.”

    don’t be such a snob 1812.  When Larry the Cable Guy is using you for montage scenes then you can bitch.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I *LOVED* Shaolin Soccer, but didn’t care for Kung Fu Hustle.  This looks more like the former, so I can’t wait to see this and meet the lovable CJ7!  Certainly will be better than mammoths.