Gary Gygax dies!

Missed that last saving throw I guess. I am sad. Read about it here.

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No Responses to “Gary Gygax dies!”

  1. junktape says:

    We played a four hour game in Gary’s honor tonight, at what has become our Tuesday night tradition.  It was me, MDHuff, douggold, Eros & Brad – it was quite a party, in every sense.  Sad that Chubba did not make it on this historic night but we’re pretty anti-goblin these days anyhow – I think he woulda just made the killin’ harder, politically.  I totally love this game.  It trumps online RPGs in every way (for me).  It’s literally how I roll.

    Pourin out a flask for Gary – may he level up one last time.  I really love the game he created – so fun to be a kid again.