Hey You Gamers


I need your help!

I’m writing an article on the coolest throw moves in fighting game history. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this probably isn’t your area of expertise, so snide comebacks would be fine too. But your choices for the most violent or difficult or spectacular attacks would be most helpful. Thanks!

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No Responses to “Hey You Gamers”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    Throw moves or grabs? I’d consider the above Scorpion “Get over here” a grab, so just want that clarified!  Can ya share an example or two? Do you mean those those takedowns like in Soul Calibur when you clutch someone and beat them up the head with a pole?  For some reason, I’m blanking on just straight throws, mostly because I remember them all being the same in the fighting games I’ve played.

  2. Fat Ass says:

    I’ve always used “throw” as a generic term for special attack. “Throw moves” usually encompasses any kind of combo, special ability or throw, even though a lot of those are grapples, grabs, pulls or weapons. At least, that’s where I’m coming from as I write it. Better make sure my editor is on the same page, lol

  3. junky says:

    I like in games when you grab on a guy and do somethin to make him deader.  Like a grab.

  4. Christa says:

    Not sure if this counts, but back in the early 90’s there was a game called Syndicate, and one of your missions included herding hundreds of people out of danger before bad guys blew up a building or something… well… there was also a flame thrower in the game… so on this special mission you could attract people to you with your ‘pied piper’ gadget, then when they least suspected… unleash the flamethrower.  The best part was… they tried to run… screaming… hundreds of little 32-bit civilians on fire.  Sigh.  So beautiful.

    Then there’s the Mortal Combat move where you’d rip a guy’s heart out of his chest… at least I think it was Mortal Combat.  Not 100% sure.

    This article wasn’t inspired by your new de-cap-i-ta-shun weapon in WoW, was it?

  5. Fat Ass says:

    Nope, it was my editor’s idea. I can’t even think of something in WoW that would qualify as being cool enough for this, actually.

  6. junky says:

    I remember the smell of fried rice, orange soda and stale funk as I watched Eric kick ass in that SYNDICATE game.  Very, very cool game.  And yes, there were many flaming corpses.