What did YOU get for Festivus?

It’s for the rest of us, bitch!

I’ve been working on some horror stuff lately, so my wants were a little dark. Nonetheless, Santa delivered in spades!

Jacob’s Ladder DVD
Halloween II DVD
Friday the 13th Boxed Set DVD
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold DVD
The Boys from Brazil DVD
My So-Called Life series set DVD
America by John Stewart
Complete Works of Franz Kafka
The Lovecraft Lexicon
Crystal Lake Memories
The Lovely Bones
A Stand-Up’s Life by Steve Martin
Juiceman Pro
Tons of candy
Super Mario Galaxy for Wii

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No Responses to “What did YOU get for Festivus?”

  1. danny boy says:

    Danny got…

    BSG Razor DVD

    Jedi Vs. Sith book

    Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels

    Godzilla Unleashed for PS2

    AVP for PSP

    Star Wars Battlefront for PSP

    A Stand Up’s Life By Steve Martin

    The new Star Wars Audio CD box set

    Shirts I actually need/want

    Sideshow 12” Boussh

    Star wars figures – Han in torture rack & Holiday Boba Fett

    Ultimate Tickle Me Elmo

    Christa (and therefore me too) got:

    Rockband for 360

    Mass Effect for 360

    Rockband for 360

    Buffy Complete Series DVD box set

    Think Geek LP to MP3 player/converter

    Cassette tape to MP3 player/converter

    Doctor Who Season 3 on DVD

    Doctor Who series 3 collection of action figures

    Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub

    We made out like friggin bandits!

  2. Eros Welker says:

    Hugh, I love that amongst the dark you got “My So-Called Life series set DVD.” heh

    As for moi:

    Face/Off HD-DVD [the only high-def DVD I got, dammit]

    BSG Razor DVD

    Oblivion: Game of the Year 360 (awesome!)

    Warhawk PS3 with Bluetooth headset

    Crysis PC

    Stalker PC

    Star Wars pop-up book

    Star Wars: Death Star book

    Stephen Colbert’s I Am America, and So Am I book

    Tek Jansen comic #1

    Arkham Horror: King in Yellow expansion

    [and I think other things that escape me]