Every once upon a time, there is that sort of Magic that happens to me in a theater that is the special kind of unexpected magic. Not the kind where i go into Jurassic Park opening day knowing i am staying in the Ziegfeld and seeing every single one of the five showings even before they shot the first frame of film type of magic. I’m talking about the kind of magic where i start out expecting the worse. I may want to like it. I may be looking forward to it. But i never expect anything to blow me away. When I have a Sweeney or a Beowulf to look forward to, I pretty much know i’ll have seen it about four times by the end of opening night. But with Enchanted, i honestly did not know what the heck the outcome would be.

I have been anxious about this since first hearing the news of Menken coming aboard the project over a year and a half ago. And, regardless of how i would feel about it, i also wanted this film to succeed for the simple fact that a lot of the industry will (unfairly) judge the relevance of traditional animation based on the performance of this film. But despite all of this, there were moments in the trailer when i really wasn’t sure if this was going to be what I wanted it to be.

And then, on wednesday night in the Ziegfeld, a place of so much prior magic, it happened once again. So much, in fact, that i stayed right there in the Zeigfeld, just like old times, and saw it again right away.

Now, keep in mind, i STILL wasn’t certain during the first 20 minutes or so. But then…then everything began to fall into place for me. The songs were the icing on an already solid script. It’s one of the most romantic films i’ve seen since i can remember.

Amy Adams is to this what Depp was to the Pirates films. Its more than a performance. The performance IS the movie. She deserves a Nom for this. With Pirates, if you took Depp out of the equation you wouldn’t have much left. Here, everyone’s favorite Loverboy Dempsey gives a performance equally as impressive. These are not easy roles to fill without drifting into corniness or self-aware Shrek-like mockery. I was so relieved they didn’t drop to that kind of level.

Sure, yes yes yes – there are some of the typical “gags for the kids” i felt should have been left out because the film is so much better than that. And yes, some of the humor is broad and falls short for me. And yes, i wanted more from the Sarandon villain. But – these are all small complaints. They all don’t overmatch the chills i get from this. And more as it goes on. By the time the “That’s How You Know” is happening throughout central park – i’m lost in this film and it’s one of my faves of the year. It’s the kind of vibe i set out for with Roland. This is The Disney Magic like i want it – and the Menken back where he belongs and hasn’t been in this fine a form since Herc ten fast years ago. These three songs are up there with the best of his best as far as i’m concerned. In fact, the other two, “True Love’s Kiss” and “Happy Working Song” are throwbacks to the old Disney-era songs that they just don’t wrote anymore. I only wish there were more songs. I can only prey every night for a Broadway version with an expanded score and songs. Until then, I’m going a third tonight and a fourth tomorrow.

sidenote – the worst part of the night was the lack of the Goofy short, “How to set up your home theater”. What happened with that, i wonder? It was planned to run before Enchanted. Could it be some theaters got it and some didn’t? I don’t think they’d let that happen. Perhaps it couldn;t be completed in time, or they felt they should save it to help promote something else that may need the help more at the Box Office? Hmmmmmm.

Cool Footage of Giselle in times sqare. I can’t believe they put her in the mahole in the middle of such a crowded time of night!

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No Responses to “Bergchanted”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    I need a good, friendly movie.  I’m seeing Golden Compass next week, and I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.  I want to see Southland Tales, just to see it—but I need something to like.  Will I like this, or find it cheezy?

    And why do you keep harping on traditional animation, and that Enchanted is the “make it or break it” moment for it? I feel like I’m missing something.

  2. cybergosh says:

    Becuase i’ve heard inside talk….

    But you don’t even need more than some of the insider info on places like jimhillmedia. 

    Ya know – i see this as this generations Roger Rabbit – not that this is as good as Roger – but how it will kick start a whole new era!

    I have a bad feelin’ about the compass as well.

    As for if you will like this as much as i – it’s hard to say.  I think youll like it more as it goes on but the little probs will irk you more than i.  But no way you can hate it.

    Despite the bus driver lady.

  3. cybergosh says:

    And see it at the Zieg in glorious amazing digital widescreen awesomeness.  I’ll go again if ya want.

  4. junktape says:

    Enchanted is enchanting.  If you’ve ever loved these kinds of movies, or grown up on Disney magic – it’s a much-needed return to form. 

    I fell in love with Amy Adams when I saw the movie JUNEBUG.  It’s a strange little indie about a family that seems dysfunctional on the surface, until you realize that you’re a douche for judging them. 

    And her performance as a sweet, optimistic pregnant mother with a child-like view of the world, was so amazing it got her an Oscar nomination.

    She brings that same kind of optimism to Enchanted, only in a more broad and (appropriately) cartoony way. 

    It’s just too fun, too sweet and too well-meaning to suck.  It delivers what it promises (which is all I ask from a popcorn movie) and as far as suspension of disbelief goes, it earns all of its sequences.

    There is no need to ask questions or seek out logic because it is so clearly not of the real world, and a fairy tale through and through.  And, FOR A FAIRY TALE, the logic holds up well enough.

    Sure, you can pick it apart but this is one of those movies that you’d be foolish to try—it’s a wonderful and sweet ride.  It’s the kind of movie made soley for the purpose of making kids (of all ages) happy.

    And in a world of CGI movies that skew their tales toward adults, cynicism and satire, it’s nice to see a movie that truly and genuinely believes in magic again.

    Loved it.

  5. Eros Welker says:

    I loved seeing Enchanted (just got back).  Amy IS wonderful, and I loved seeing Cyclops sing (and with a Superman Returns promo in the backdrop).  Really enjoyed it, warmed my cynical heart BUT…

    Thought it could have used another story and script pass as it didn’t do as much with the concept as I was hoping for (it felt like Galaxy Quest in that regard).  I also thought the ending was unnecessary or half-baked, and that was a little disappointing in the midst of so much wonder.  Also, a personal quibble, I just don’t get Patrick Dempsey, unless he’s throwing shit at someone’s house.

    All that aside, I recommend this to anyone looking for a light time with a happy princess.  In fact, spend time with this princess versus stupid little Lie-raah Buh-lah-cwahhh…

  6. cybergosh says:


    Glad you felt the Magic.  And while i cannot argue your point about the end, i think by that time i was so swept up in having so much of the kind of fun i’ve longed for for the better part of the last decade that it was easily to not look for more. 

    Also – yes!  Glad you noticed the Marsdan / Supes billboard shot!  I liked that.

    There are also Wicked billboards looming over the odd-looking (but perfectly cast) Idina Manzel (she originated the Wicked lead – a show i still, dispite the word of mouth – feel no compulsion to see).

    I just got my Giselle pillowcase in the mail from!

  7. Eros Welker says:

    Yeah, the friend I saw Enchanted with told me she was from that world (and is married to Taye Diggs?).  Though, the whole time I was watching the movie I thought, “wow they cast this freak to help us root for Dempsey hooking up with Adams even more.”

    The end didn’t hurt the movie overall for me, because it had me fairly ensnared; I just will stop the DVD right after he wakes her up with a kiss next time.  Personally, I think she should have just fallen into the well and they cut out Sarandon altogether.  She’s fairly lame.

  8. Fat Ass says:

    I really, really enjoyed it. I definitely agree that the stuff with the dragon wore on, but my real concern was just the last two minutes. It was like the awful last 45 minutes of Return of the King where the movie just didn’t have the freaking courage to end. Nevertheless, I felt like that was just a minor tarnish on a movie that was pitch-perfect through 90% and just fine through another 8%. I really, really enjoyed this.

    Although I don’t think it’s going to be this generation’s Roger Rabbit, nor do I think it has any chance to help traditional animation. This movie is to traditional animation what Pleasantville was to 50’s sitcoms. A throwback and an homage, but not any kind of resurrection. Traditional animation is going to be dead until someone with enough power comes along and does something with it.

    Personally, I love cel animation and I love 3D. You bring me a great story, and I’ll watch it no matter what the format. So I guess I’m not too concerned one way or the other…

  9. cybergosh says:

    Just to clarify, i meant the roger rabbit anaolgy in the sense that – it is roger as far as the disney company is concerned – emiliminating a lot fo the concern over the now-in-progress lasseter-led ressuration of tradional animation.

    I only wish Menken was doing the songs for Frog Princess.  Elton doesn’t always work for me.  50-50 with him…

    And also – i never minded the mulitple endings of ROTK.  I actually wanted MORE endings.  hehe.

  10. Fat Ass says:

    Ah, there ya go. I hadn’t heard about Frog Princess, but I’m sure Lasseter is the guy with the power I suggested in the earlier post. Yes, I agree that I’m sure they don’t even consider Enchanted an animated movie. But I’m sure soon we’re going to see Howdy Doody and the Seven Dwarves and 300 other characters pop into the real world.

    Now… cue the horror music…

    If ROTK had lasted one more minute, I likely would have walked out.

    Chris, for your own sanity, please stop reading this right now. I love you, dude.

    And I warned you.

    Those movies are retardedly overrated, and the self-indulgence that went into the making of them is absolutely absurd. Every one of them easily could have been tight and compelling at TWO hours, and for the broad storyline the entire second movie is a wash. The middle hour of it has nothing to do with ANYTHING.

    The last 45 minutes of ROTK devolved into insane self-congratulation that bordered on masturbation.  And even with over 10 hours of screentime, they couldn’t make me buy the love story. Which, by the way, is so herculean a feat that any decent romantic comedy pulls it off with one or two scenes or MAYBE a montage.

    Incredible filmmaking? Check.

    Amazing, gigantic feat? Check.

    Fantastic world, with amazing monsters and mind-blowing battles? Check.

    Characters? Pacing? Romance? Sense of direction?

  11. cybergosh says:

    Kevin Lima revelas some cool stuff in this interview at AICN:


    Kevin Lima: The Troll… I don’t think anybody has found this yet… The Troll actually wears… his loin cloth is made up of all of the dresses of all of the princesses.