Jerry Lewis Does It Again!

I have been obsessed with the Jerry Lewis Labor Day MDA Telethon for about 19 years now. To this day, many still don’t really know exactly why I enjoy it so much. Maybe I love seeing my old pal’s like Johnny up there every year…or seeing Tony Orlando perform…or reminiscing about the good old days when i’d see it live with Junktape and sing along with Eartha Kitt or Davey Jones belting out Daydream Believer. Or maybe, if for no other reason than for the rare opportunity to catch CarrotTop on national TV. But if you must know, it’s for the oddity of simply watching Jerry continue his descent into the crazy monster he’s become. Last night, i was reviewing the recording…scanning through boring stuff and stopping to watch every time Jerry does some schtick. Because you never know when you’re gonna stumble upon something like THIS.

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No Responses to “Jerry Lewis Does It Again!”

  1. junky says:

    Back when we went to the local chapter of our MDA telethon, I rose at 6am and promptly stepped on a rusty nail that went about 1/4 inch into my foot.  I then put on my sock and high-tailed it to the bus that took me to one of the greatest show experiences of my life.  Rommel and Eros woke that morning to see Cybergosh and myself on live television, making all sorts of secret (and of course obscene) gestures over Tony Orlando’s shoulder.

    I believe I kept pulling my earlobes in honor of Dolph Lungren’s vietnamese ear necklace in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER.  That day made a Daydream Believer out of me.  I cannot believe how the decades have passed.  And to see Jerry breathlessly utter the word faggot on national television after being awake for 18 hours straight warms my heart.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Oh man i forgot all about the foot!  Ouch!  But davey jones singing to us in that tiny studio, along with tony orlando, johnny, ed fry and that other “kid” (i forgot his name)…it was one of the all-time happy moments of my life.  In that studi…for that one song…everything…was perfect.