Grandma’s Boy – Most Underrated Film of 2006

Grandma’s Boy. For a while, the Berg was trying to convince me that
Grandma’s Boy, and Benchwarmers (which I refuse to believe), were
hilarious movies. For whatever reason, I rented this, watched it and am
in LOVE with it. Forget Superbad, forget Knocked Up — Grandma’s Boy is
unbelievable! I’m sure I’m biased because it revolves around video
games, but considering the no name cast (with the exception of too hot
to trot, Linda Cardellini, and a lame Kevin Nealon), I was so surprised.
Rent it, if not buy it, immediately!




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No Responses to “Grandma’s Boy – Most Underrated Film of 2006”

  1. Cybergosh says:

    I’m glad you have seen the light of Grandma!

    Drive that car!

    PS – this was the film that introduced me to the hilarious Nick Swardson and Jonah Hill.  And, for the record, Benchwarmers is not as funny as GB…but still definitely worth a look if for no other reason than Swardson!

  2. bake snaker says:

    top of my netflix queue

  3. Cybergosh says:


  4. junktape says:

    If you watch Benchwarmers, Rob Schneider gets another year of immortality in his deal with Satan.

    As for Grandma’s Boy, yeah it was fun!  I did laugh more than I ever thought I would.  Chris showed this to me one late night in the now defunct tiki room.  In fact, one of my last memories of that long-lost place.

  5. Battlestar Tiffactica says:

    Sorry I killed the Tiki Room. It’s for the best anyway, it would have been sacriligeous for it to exist without the Bergessence.

  6. Bake Snaker says:

    Wait wait wait… who is the mobile geek with this entry?