Fall of Berg

With Summer ’07 wrapping up this week, I decided to comb through the Fall Previews and figure out what the next four months will involve…

UPDATE 8/29: War just hammered the last nail in summer’s coffin. How the hell could that have been messed up so badly? I really thought this would be fun. What a sin. Stratham needs to get a better manager and choose his projects more carefully – with Dwayne goin’ soft on us he’s our last and only hero for these types of movies. Oh well. And no, i’m not seeing Halloween or Balls of Fury or Death Sentence this weekend. So there it is. Another summer at the movies gone by.


The Top Ten Events:

1. Beowulf. It’s been a multi-year wait, and judging from the R-rated comic-con trailer, Zemekis’ mo-cap Imax 3D epic poem will be well worth it.

2. Sweeney Todd. This could be the best Burton ever. I just wish Elfman did score in-between songs like he did for Chicago.

3. There Will Be Blood. Because PTA is 4 for 4. And, although this is off his beaten path, he has the abilty to take a subject matter I have no interest in and make it my favorite film of the year.

4. Enchanted. Yes, the trailer blows. But I have faith in this. At least in the animated segments. The future of Disney 2D animation’s return rests heavily in the opening weekend of this film. So let’s hope it delivers. At the very least, the two new Menken tunes won’t disappoint.

5. Southland Tales. I’ve stayed away from learning much about Richard Kelly’s long, long-delayed follow up to Darko. But the fact that it is just that is all the reason I need.

6. D-war. This is why going to the movies will never die. Or will. One or the other.

7. I Am Legend. Sure I wish it was made twenty years ago with Arnold. But still, this trailer sets up a really fun midnight experience.

8. The Water Horse. Because MeShee only left me wanting more.

9. AVP: Requiem. Because I desperately want to love an AVP film.

10. 30 Days of Night. Because the director of Hard Candy plus Vampires equals awesome.

Future BergViews will also include (in order of release) :

someone to eat cheese with
shoot em up
bros solomon
the brave one
across the universe
assassination of jesse james
The Darjeeling Limited
run fatboy run
heartbreak kid
lars and the real girl
gone baby gone
martian child
american gangster
bee movie
no country for old men
lions for lambs
fred claus
mr maghoriums wonder emporium
margot at the wedding
the mist
cassandras dream
golden compass
youth without youth
nt2: book of secrets
walk hard
charlie wilsons war

And that’s about it. I don’t find myself all that interested in many of the other films this Fall. What are your thoughts? What can’t YOU wait for?

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No Responses to “Fall of Berg”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    Here’s my Top Ten:

    1. I Am Legend.  I love Will Smith, and this story, and it looks amazing, so provided this is not like I, Robot, than I Am Looking forward to this movie.

    2. The Mist—this is one of my favorite Stephen King stories, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see it come to life.  And I’d have been fine if Jan De Bont directed it, but it’s better than that – Frank Darabont’s on the case.  Will he go 3 for 3? I hope so.

    3. AVP: Requiem—How could I not? I haven’t even seen the redband trailer yet which everybody can’t stop telling me to watch.  I don’t know if I will.  I’m one of the few that enjoyed AVP… oh dear.

    4. Beowulf.  I’m creeped out and in love with the look of this film.  I support any hard-edged CG flick, so I’ll be there, but I have to say, I wish it wasn’t the story of Beowulf.  I know it so well, and seen so many half-assed attempts, that even if this rocks, I might be jaded.

    5. His Dark Materials: THe Golden Compass—All I’ve heard is that this is a more adult Harry Potter-esque saga.  I haven’t even read Book 1 yet, nor Book 6 of Potter, but I’ll give it a whirl and Kidman/Craig can do little wrong in my book (unless there are aliens involved).

    6. Southland Tales—I know nothing about this and will stay this way.  Please be good.  Don’t be hack.  Please be good.

    7. D-War—Quite possibly the bestest movie of recent note to have dragons wreaking havoc in a modern day setting.  If only Van Zandt was in this…

    8.  30 Days of Night—The graphic novel story was very simple, but the art was amazing.  I love vampires so I have to see this, but I’m not entirely sure how this will pan out unless they nail that style.

    9. Hitman—C’mon.  Video game adaptation with Deadwood’s Seth Bullock? Of course I’m there, but I don’t have high hopes.

    10. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets—I *LOVE* the score from the first film and that alone buys me a ticket to this one.  THankfully, the first movie was actually pretty good to boot, if not relatively meaningless.  This should be a bigger event, and yet it feels so small.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Yes, all the ones you mentioned that i did not have on my top ten, i feel the same way about…they’re up there for me..with the possible exception of COmpass…i mean, Chris Fucking Weitz?!  It’s not for him, that kind of film.  I have a bad feeling.  And i hate how new line has to whore out Rings in the trailer to get people interested in this.

  3. bake snaker says:

    def the Mist…

    Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

    Van Sant’s Paranoid Park

    and Secret Sunshine.. by director of Oasis….I think this is fall release