Half 2001, Half Alien – Sunshine Review

Caught Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, and yes I’ve never seen Trainspotting so I probably shouldn’t be allowed to comment, but I really dug it. Don’t really need to see it again, until it graces Blu-ray, but would recommend it to anyone looking for something different than the popcorn flicks. Also make sure to see it while depressed. I won’t go any further than my title take, which is that, to me, Sunshine felt like half of 2001 and half of Alien, and that’s a good thing (NO, there are no creatures, demons or otherworldly beings). See it, folks, even those who are more cranky about the summer cinema.

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  1. bake snaker says:

    i will i will… even though i really dislike that ass.  he hasn’t made one good film