Fear X, Cavite, Real Fiction


Fear X

Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn… the guy who made the EXCELLENT “Pusher” trilogy. Starring John Turturro and Deborah Unger. Both do great jobs.


There is a reason that this film didn’t do well. It leaves the viewer
very unsatisfied. Even for someone like me that doesn’t need
everything tied up with a pretty little bow. It’s as if they just
stopped writing the screenplay at the 3rd act. A 3rd act begins and
then boom..over.


But the style is tight. And that’s why I’m
recommending this film. I actually got up and turned on the lights
because it freaked me out….and I haven’t gotten freaked out by a
film in probably 20 years. One scene that is over-flowing with tension
so bravo for that.

Couldn’t find the trailer on youtube.. but watch the Pusher trilogy trailer…maybe it’ll prompt you to see ’em.


Good stuff.


If I was Joel Silver, I’d hire these guys tomorrow to helm an
action/thriller summer flic. They have a talent for tension building,
sound design and made all the right visual choices for a DV film. I’m
not sure if the plot regarding the Abu Sayyaf (a Muslim terrorist
group) was tackled appropriately or even necessary for this film… a
basic kidnapping story would have sufficed. But it’s a great example
of no-budget, passionate filmmaking and there are images of the
Philippines that I’ve never seen captured on film before.

You can see the trailer on their site: http://www.cavitemovie.com/
Real Fiction

I’ll be reviewing “Time” later this week…. it’s Kim Ki-Duk’s new one..at Cinema Village but I thought I’d go back and fill you in on some of his earlier stuff.


Mehhh..This is a film that Kim Ki-Duk made in 2000. Basically it’s one of
these gimmick films like Figgis’ Time Code. The whole film was shot
with multiple cameras in approx. 3.5 hours with no retakes. Like Time
Code, it suffers from a lack of substance. The gag was obvioulsy more
important to Kim than the story. See it only if you must see every Kim
Ki-Duk film…like myself.

trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=XecBhQ0TZ7o

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