Absolutely Horrible Musical Scene from Troll

I realize this ain’t a true music video, but man, what a weird flick. This is posted to honor the fact that they’re making a remake of Troll.

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No Responses to “Absolutely Horrible Musical Scene from Troll”

  1. Troll Junky says:

    Okay, I know you cant tell from this clip, but Christa and I recently got TROLL on Netflix and thought it was gonna be a laugh-along type ironic screening.  Well for the most part, I was totally surprised how much I liked the movie and (again, clip above aside) how well the basic story held up.  I didnt’ remember ANY of it, except Julia Louis Dreyfuss as a wood nymph, the little person as some kind of puppet creature, and the poster with the tagline, “come closer.”

    This was an original and strange little movie, I’m actually excited to see it get big budget treatment.

    Heard this music on XM radio the other day, one of many reasons I adore “cinemagic.” You never know what’s gonna play next.

  2. junktape says:
  3. junktape says:



  4. Cybergosh says:

    I love this…the concept can be cool for a remake but nothing will ever be as good as this.