Chuck & Larry Make Berg Sicko

(contains chuck & larry cameo spoliers)

Sicko is not as horrible and scary as i expected, due to the fact that there is some sort of odd comfort in knowing that, no matter what kind of health insurance we have (or don’t have), if serious illness comes down we’re all potentially fucked. I enjoyed this film probably the most of all the Michael Moore films i’ve seen. Crazy stuff.

There are times i HATE Happy Madison films (mr deeds, anger management, click) and times i love them (early stuff like billy and happy…newer stuff like grandmas boy…even little nicky)..but this one falls right in the middle.

Despite a screenplay by Alexander Payne, the first act is nearly unwatchable. The most slapped together and amateurish studio film in recent memory. People can say what they want about grandmas boy or benchwarmers but they didn’t look and flow as bad as this. Alright, maybe they did. But grandma’s had a monkey and benchwarmers had a midget.

I only reason i hung around was to see which of the inevitable sandler regulars would show up. And, one by one, they all do….peter dante (looking older and….strangely ethnic), schnieder, spade, smiegel, buscemi and grandmas boy himself. But most of all, i’m glad i stayed for Nick Swardson. Although he always plays different versions of essentially the same character, it seems whatever he says inspires a berg-cackle. He made blades of glory worth seeing three times, was the sole reason i gave benchwarmers a dot and is the only thing i find funny about reno 911. So, if you’re a fan – see it just for him.

My biggest problem with all these recent happy madison productions is how sloppy and thrown together they always feel. How every scene has to end on a note that makes you wanna look at the person next to you and say, “what the fuck?”. I don’t know – maybe you have to be high or something to appreciate the flow these films have. It just seems that, with all these great characters and with the chemistry they have with each other…i mean, with just a little more loving care these films could really be something special. Is it because it has been proven in the past that they just don’t have to try that hard? Whatever the case may be – they might be right…since this film eventually wound up winning me over by the climax.

Sure its predictable and follows every single story beat out of big daddy, but by the time swardson was standing up and cheering in court, i was right there along with him. Okay, i wasnt standing up nor cheering, but at least i didin’t want to stand up and walk out. Even the normally unbearable biel didin’t bug me. I still don’t get her appeal at all though. (abbiel?) And, while not the return to form we’d love to see, it’s nice to know Aykroyd is alive and well every so often.

On a side note, the presence of tila tequila made me sick, as did most of the female casting. Sandler really digs girls with that whole yeast infection look.

Bottom Line: wait until it comes out on dvd.

Unrelated, what is wrong with The Stamos?

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No Responses to “Chuck & Larry Make Berg Sicko”

  1. bake snaker says:

    tila is in it?!?!?  what’s her part?

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Stupid ugly hooters girl.  No lines.  She always look awkward.  Shes always looks like some sort a weird newly discovered species of animal caught in someone headlights.  With a yeast infection.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I think you’re crazy to not think Biel is smokin’ hot in that flick… but you like what ya like.

  4. Bake Snaker says:

    Biel is a hormone shake away from a guy.

  5. Cybergosh says:

    Thank you, bake!

  6. Fat Ass says:

    Yeah, she doesn’t do much for me either. I’ll take Jessica Alba (sans blue contacts and wonky blond hair, ‘natch) any day. Or hell, I’m still a Cameron Diaz fan.

    I’m still a Lynda Carter fan, actually…