Superbad Review – Best Comedy of the Year?

It’s early in 2007, and I haven’t seen Knocked Up, but I do declare that I have just witnessed an amazing testament to funniness. Superbad, a Seth Rogen/Judd Apatow joint directed by Greg Mottola, is probably one of the raunchiest, funniest movies ever to be seen.


No point going into a blow by blow here, but the two leads, Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and Jonah HIll (Accepted), are more of a dynamic duo than Batman and Robin, with crude, lewd realspeak and the right amount of nerdiness to make it all come together. Joined by their third wheel Fogell, whose quest for a fake ID delivers some of Superbad’s biggest belly laughs, they’re just your average high school seniors, looking to get laid.

You know the rest, hilarity ensues, but don’t think American Pie.  This is not that tone.  Superbad is full, pedal to the metal, hardcore laughs from start to finish.  It has one of the best opening title sequences of recent note and some soon-to-be classic one-liners, that if I were a young man, I’d quote to the bitches. I sound like I own stock in Sony Pictures… Maybe I’ll buy some after seeing this.  It’s amazing how a GOOD movie can make me forget about something as boring and half-baked as Transformers.

I’m riding a post-flick high from this, after a really shitty day – and I had already seen the first half hour.  Its that good.  Seriously, if you don’t catch this in theaters when it comes out right away, I will

declare you a fool in my mind.  Don’t make me do that.  It’s not fair to me.

I don’t recommend watching this trailer, but if you’re not convinced, do so.  Pricks.

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No Responses to “Superbad Review – Best Comedy of the Year?”

  1. Bake Snaker says:

    wait…you have a screener?  can i get copy?

  2. junky says:

    Judd is my new personal hero.  I swear, I just love everything about him.  Heard a great interview with him on XM, and love his attitude, his process, etc.  Shoots over a million feet of film on every movie, more than most action films. 

    LOVED Knocked Up.  LOVED.  IT.  Big fan of 40 year old virgin too, and of course I love (but don’t swear by) much of Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, Ben Stiller Show, and of course Larry Sanders. 

    The guy’s awesome.  Superbad is my most anticipated movie this year.  I’m gonna skip Transformers and see this twice instead.


  3. Eros Welker says:

    Nah, no screener – saw a screening.  If you want to catch it, they seem to be doing them every other week.

    I’ve heard that Knocked Up is a more well-rounded movie that Superbad, but really the 15-year old boy in me thinks he’ll prefer Superbad’s teen naughtiness.

  4. junky says:

    LOL, the only thing more gay than snake’s avatar would be the sean pan.  I wish it had a little zzzzip sound effect

  5. Cybergosh says:

    I honestly wasn’t gonna see this.  I’ve been making massive cut backs.  In what i eat.  In toys that i choose to spend money on.  And in the movies i choose to spend time with.  But i will go now based on this ErosReaction.  I can’t say i’ve heard you this excited about a comedy in some time.  But no knocked up for me.  It’s the least appealing premise of a film in the history of premises for films.  I hate the trailer so much i’m at a point that even if it is something i would end of enjoying i just don’t want it in my life.  There is no fucking reason that could ever work for me why Heigl’s character should have that kid in that situation.  And the pompous apatow is the least appealing interview on the Sanders DVD.  He’s brought us a lot of funny in the past but lost me the second that the virgin sold all his toys.  No Disturbia.  No Shrek the Third.  No Surf’s Up.  No Hostel Part 2.  No mr Brooks.  No Bug. And certainly no Knocked Up for me.  Tell me how they are….

    However, I really liked Ocean’s 13.  Not better than than Eleven but much better than Twelve.

    And I’m not sure i mentioned it on here but Angel A was pretty good, too.

    Next up for me is Daywatch…which i couldn’t see while i was away.  Cannot wait!!  And I also have to check out Eagle Vs. Shark…that has me very intrigued…

  6. Eros Welker says:

    Wow, this is an amazing moment… the day Bergie swore off going to the movies (mostly).  I’m in shock.

    I’m also in shock that you really want to see Daywatch.  Nightwatch was so unWatchable, though well made (kinda sorta).  If you don’t like Apatow, please don’t see Superbad cause I don’t need you complaining to me and it has the Apatow and Rogen vibe all over it.

    I really want to see Angel A, but alas, probably not in theaters.  I still need to see Hot Fuzz.

  7. Cybergosh says:

    I have not sworn off movies…i have just sworn off seeing movies that i don’t want to see…something i still felt the need to do in the past despite the fact that i really didn’t want to.  I would have gone just ‘cause it’s from apatow and i have enjoyed his work in the past.  But the past is the past.  This is now and now i do not care about him any more.  I lreally liked daywatch.  and you should have seen hot fuzz by now ya dope!  i will still try superbad just cause i’m all for raunchy comedies.  i just really could care less about the premise of knocked up and find it hard to understand who the film was made for besides catholics?

  8. junky says:

    (stunned silence)