Where Science Meets Boredom

MDhuff (as jedi ghost), Douggold & Junktape journey to the California Science Center!


Join us for a photographic STAR TOUR!

Since the attraction is closing this weekend, (and to avoid the crowds) we finally make the trek (wrong pun) to the California Science Center to check out their Star Wars exhibit, “Where Science Meets Imagination.”

The attraction features a 5-minute ride in the cockpit of the Milennium Falcon and a 15-minute live-action presentation on robotics, as well as a walking tour of some of the models, costumes and props used in the Star Wars films.


It’s not that Doug wasn’t having fun. I think this is just his best smile:


And again, I snapped this photo candidly. As far as I know, Doug likes X-wings. I think he just caught the scent of baby custard.


Matthew beholding his favorite ship:


a very disproportionate C3PO in a small theater co-hosts a show about robotics. It’s fine that this is geared toward kids. Unfortunately, the sound is terrible and kids have no idea what is going on the entire time.


All in all — hey, so glad we went. But having seen a few of these things before at the Brooklyn Museum and Celebration III, it wasn’t quite so special.

Because it was the last few days of the exhibit, the whole thing seemed a little run down. Too many grubby hands had messed with the interactive features, and the robotics show was all run down.

And even though the Falcon cockpit was a letdown for us adults, I would have given anything to see this through the eyes of a child. (instead of a man-child)

MDHUFF took a lot of video – here’s hoping he posts it on youtube and shares it with you all.

Punch it,

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No Responses to “Where Science Meets Boredom”

  1. Cybergosh says:


  2. mdhuff says:

    It was the most fun boring time ever!

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I loved the Falcon!  We sat up front (I was Lando, and Chris was Nien Nunb) and this antsy kid stood behind us, and part of me wanted to offer him the chance to sit up front… and the rest of me really wanted to stay where I was – so I just sat there and the kid hung back like Leia.

    I dug the museum, despite it being kinda lackluster.  They need more interactive things like lightsaber fights or getting into a wampa suit.

  4. junky says:

    Our falcon semed a little run down (maybe that’s perfect, heh) but during the show I was flipping switches and Matthew was setting a fresh course.  We were NOT the pilots but we acted like we were.  I recall giving a few wookiee roars as well…