Cartoon of the Week:  To Boldy Go

…into the second dimension:

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No Responses to “Cartoon of the Week:  To Boldy Go”

  1. cybergosh says:

    this is really cool – i dont think i ever watched these..

  2. trek junky says:

    Christa got me the DVDs for Christmas.  At the time, this was so cool because fans of Star Trek wanted a new show SO bad yet the studio did not want to spend the money, so this was their solution.  A lot of the shows were written by the same peeps who wrote seasons one and two, and one episode was written by Chekov.  Haven’t seen it, heard it’s very trippy.  I actually did not yet watch much of these, but I saw half an episode on the airplane last night since it was on my PSP…

    It was boring.  But COOL boring. 

    Christa and I watch a classic star trek or twilight zone in bed every night before we fall asleep, which is why she’s flippin’ awesome.

  3. mdhuff says:

    Amazing.  I love how the opening music cue is ALMOST the same at the live action show.  It’s like they used all the same music notes, just put them in different order.  And I remember watching one or two of these and not liking them.  Bet I would now…