Live Free or Die Hard – Theatrical Trailer

Yahoo has the exclusive theatrical trailer for Die Hard 4.0, also confused with the lesser title, Live Free or Die Hard. I don’t know what to think. On one hand, it’s clearly Die Hard 4 (instead of a
building, he’s in a city, instead of an office chair and explosives, he’s got a semi-truck and a Harrier jet), but on the other, it’s ridiculous. A friend compared it to Transporter 2, which is fair. Len
Wiseman, you are not wise. I look forward to this film because it’s Die Hard, but live in fear and dread because of Kevin Smith in the closing shot.

Watch the trailer now:;_ylt=AmngzU02jXG5qt_SbTmO0DJfVXcA

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No Responses to “Live Free or Die Hard – Theatrical Trailer”

  1. cybergosh says:

    Very confusing.  Looks to have more die hardy mclane-ish moments than i thought…but, i wish they didn’t put the money shot line in this..although it will definitely help to psyche people up….i enjoyed timothy olyphant saying the same “you have no idea who youre dealing with” line that he said with the same delivery in the girl next door..i like him…he might prove to be an interesting villain…and, as much as i like smith’s films, he has no business being in this…why is he in this?!  i just wish there was a die hard movie coming out that had a trailer that made me feel like i did when i saw the trailers for die hard 2.  i want die hard 2…2.

  2. die junkier says:

    Yeah.  (nodding) Yeah.  Something in me has died.  I don’t know if it’s something I feel bad about or not.  It’s weird to be in a state of mind when I can take or leave this.  Looks good, don’t get me wrong.  Looks very good.  But I dunno.  Probably gonna just pop some microwave popcorn and watch Die Hard instead.  (nodding) …Yeah.

  3. DougGold says:

    That’s not a Harrier. It’s the new F-35B Lightning II, which is intended to replace the Harrier. This is my only comment.