This Is Great News

FCC Will NOT Approve Airline Cell Use

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No Responses to “This Is Great News”

  1. Roger says:

    Why is this here?

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Because, like i said, this is great news!

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I’m fine with this as a safety precaution—but I’d rather have the ability to call if I indeed needed to.  Also, as of right now, cellphones can be used as MP3 players, stream live television, etc. so does that exclude their use as well?

    I don’t need a law to make people stop doing bad things.  If somebody sitting next to you keeps jabbering away, you punch him in the face.  That’s how you make ‘em stop.

  4. Junktape says:

    People are obnoxious creatures and the less opportunity they are given to speak aloud the better.  Personally I can’t wait for cryosleep. 

    Why am I here?  Why are you here?  Why is anyone here?

  5. Cybergosh says:

    I don’t have the luxury of punching people in the face or the like anymore.  Remind me to tell you a little story next time i see you….

  6. bake snaker says:

    I’m seriously upset about this… Who cares if someone is talking on their phone…if they are obnoxiously loud, ask them to keep it down.  …I can’t spend 5 hours on a plane just twiddling my thumbs…there is business to be done and the FCC is literally stealing that business time away from me if I can’t use the phone.  FUCK THEM… can’t use a personal cell but can use the airline phones that use a cellular signal… pure money making move…. i hate everyone.

  7. Cybergosh says:

    You are an animal.

  8. Junktape says:

    “There is business to be done!” lol, is that your superhero exclamation?  Then you dash into a phone booth and re-appear wearing a tie and a bluetooth headset?

    Take a nap or take a bus.

  9. bake snaker says:

    seriously this is terrible… please change title of this entry to “This is NOT Great News.” What about 5 hour trips to LA?  What about these 18 hour trips overseas?

  10. Cybergosh says:

    Seriously, Bake, don’t act like trash.  You’re acting like trash on these comments.  Don’t act like trash.  Trash.

  11. bake snaker says:

    you know that I’m writing this stuff with a smile on my face..right?  Although I’m truly upset with this FCC ruling…fuck them… this is 2007, we have work to do.

  12. Cybergosh says:

    Yes.  Me too.  But you’re still a trashy obnoxious loudmouth and part of the overall problem with life as we know it.

  13. junk says:

    Who knew this would be the most heavily-traveled EG post in months?  Sean, I love that you think watching people yell at cats on youtube is “work to do”

  14. Cybergosh says:

    If not THE most commented on post in EG history??


  15. Bake Snaker says:

    OMG… guys, you’re not getting the point!  Why are people upset when they see someone talking on their cell.. even if they are speaking at the same volume that they would be if they were in company?  True, I hate the assholes who talk loudly… but those are usually older people who don’t understand technology.  It’s like that scene in “Little House on the Prairie”… remember that?… when Mrs. Oleson is screaming in to the phone.  I digress…anyway… we should have the right to speak on our phones if the technology exists… if you were sitting next to me on a probably wouldn’t even know I was on the phone…because I whisper when talking on the cell…

    PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!  What is the key word in that term? PUBLIC!!!  I want the right to talk on my cell phone in public! On the subway..on the sidewalk..on a bus….ON A PLANE!!!!!

  16. Cybergosh says:

    “but those are usually older people who don’t understand technology”

    Bake, you live in NY.  Have you left the house?

    If by “older people who don’t understand technology” you mean…

    Ya know what – – as an Eros once said to a Ferengi, “i have to excuse myself from this conversation!”

  17. bake snaker says:

    okay… older people and minorities…is that better?

  18. Cybergosh says:

    More importantly, what about Welker not doing the voice of Megatron?  18 comments for this and not one about the Welkerless Transformers!?

    Also – since this thread is more read than the actual site –

    i did not care for – the new show from the guys who did channel 101, heatvision & jack..and who now do the sarah program….i expected and wanted a whole lot more from this great concept.

    Speaking of great, i keep thinking about how much i enjoyed Reign Over Me.  I honestly think Sandler deserves a nom in ‘08(many have been nom’ed for less).

    Ans speaking of movies with REIGN in the title, anyone catch REIGN OF THE GARGOYLES on Sci Fi channel tonight?  Nazis use these old Gargoyles to do their bidding against a band of american soldiers.  I thought this would be the greatest thing ever…until i was reminded how drawn out these sci fi originals are…

    why don’t they make them better!?

  19. bake snaker says:

    wow.. you really want to change the subject, don’t you…okay.  Just having fun.. don’t take seriously

  20. Cybergosh says:

    You are an honorary member of the Skatebirds.

  21. junky says:

    If you have to use references from Little House to make a point, you know you’re in trouble.  I don’t want to sit next to anybody whispering to themselves on a plane.  Nothing in this sweet world cannot wait 4 hours.  If you can wait two in a movie theatre, a PUBLIC movie theatre, you can wait 4 on a plane.  Unless you wanna fly business class, you workaholic.

    Me, I’ll read, write or play PSP.  With my dumb American mouth tightly closed. 

    In all honesty, I think it’s a tricky issue.  Sure, some people might keep their calls brief and to a low volume.  Just the way some people might not turn suddenly without signaling, spit in your fried rice or talk shit during an entire movie. 

    But most people, as we all know, are self-absorbed and obnoxious infants who hardly deserve a priviledge they will, without question, so grossly misuse.  For every one indie filmmaker who needs to work (aka txt j-girls) there are a hundred gum-smacking lard-asses who are going to use this quality time to loudly argue about britney’s cooch, tell date rape jokes to their frat buddies or tell some loud victory story about how they took the girl at the drive thru window down a peg when their fries weren’t biggie-sized.

    So no, you give the average American this tiny inch, and they will be pulling YARDS of patience and peace out of the rest of our souls.  Stop pretending the world stops turning if you can’t jack into the verizon matrix for a few hours and read your in-flight magazine like a normal person.