Children of Men


Saw it on the big screen…like I promised…(Spoilers inside)

Okay, good film…amazing one takes that are beyond belief….the best CGI I’ve ever seen… incredible cinematography…but not really emotionally attached I must say.  Maybe I’m just not that in to sci-fi anymore but this paper-thin plot just didn’t move me.  Plus, what’s her name… Claire-Hope Ashitey, who plays the mother…little over-acting I think.  And CHEESY scenes… suicide scene…death in boat scene…  cheesy. And I didn’t mind the lack of explanation about the infertility but I did mind the lack of explanation about “the human project” and that stupid tomorrow boat.

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No Responses to “Children of Men”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    I didn’t mind the lack of explanation around the infertility; though I assumed it was all due to consistent destruction of Pachamadre by its inhabitants.  I’m with you though that not knowing about “the human project” bugs me; I felt that could have been a little more forthcoming.

  2. Burnt Leader says:

    I LOVED this movie without explanantion.  I understand the plot is tricky, but I can’t help!  I cried like a baby (that shouldn’t be in the world : )!


    careful on some spoliers in your review (Bake)

  3. Roger says:

    This movie isn’t about resolving or explaining the fertility crisis, or exploring the Human Project. You can substitute the lack of pregnancies with a killer asteroid that’s going to hit Earth in 50 years, or a widespread slow-acting terminal plague, or any other sort of natural disaster.

    It’s about what the human race has done when faced with its own extinction, and how individuals choose to commit selfless acts in a world where such things have been forgotten.

  4. Bake Snaker says:

    no, obviously that’s what it’s about… I just thought we should know a little bit more about this “Human Project” to appreciate the selfless act.

  5. Cybergosh says:

    I’m with Roger.  Sean is dumb.  And PLEASE, for the love of christ in the fucking sky, Bake – goddamn it…please say “spoliers ahead” on the main page before the “read more”.  Although if someone hasn’t seen this by now i guess they have it coming.  But still.  God Damn You Bake Snaker.

  6. Bake Snaker says:

    Did you read my follow-up?  It’s not about the “meaning” of the film….  I just want to know a little bout this “human project”…they go in to enough detail on the state of illegal immigrants..why not touch on this.  How is “suicide scene” and “death on a boat” a spoiler.  I didn’t mention who is involved in either one…FUCK ALL!!

  7. Cybergosh says:

    Because, if someone read that, they would go into this film EXPECTING a suicide…and someone to die…in a boat.  As the movie went on..they would rule out one character after another, until eventually, when a character go into a boat, would have the next ten minutes spoiled by Snaker.

    Also – – there are actually people out there that don’t even know there IS a mother in this film.

  8. Bake Snaker says:

    Okay okay okay…the only reason I did that is because I thought everyone (in the EG community) has seen it.  Won’t happen again.  I’ll even change the main text.

  9. Cybergosh says: !

  10. Roger says:

    If anyone hasn’t seen this movie by now then they’re dumb and deserve to be spoiled. ;p

    I disagree, though, Snake Blissken, I think that the whys and wherefores about the Human Project are inconsequential. It’s what it represents: hope in a hopeless situation, something worth risking for, and to let the story play out using the themes of faith and chance.

  11. Bake Snaker says:

    but just one line.. just one… “The Human Project is a group of scientists that are joined together to blah blah blah” anything..there is so much other exposition in the film, why not just one line.

  12. Roger says:

    Because that’s all anyone seems to know. They’re a secretive organization.