Catch The Last Mimzy Sneak Preview This Sun!

A throwback to the kinds of movies you used to love.

I had a good feeling about this movie despite the fact that i really was not looking forward to giving Shaye my money after the way he’s been dealing with Peter Jackson. Still, what could i do? I had a good feeling. And an even better one while watching it. And a more awesome one when i walked out of the AMC Saturday night. Because The Last Mimzy is an awesome throwback to the kinds of 80’s movies Spielberg used to lend his Executive Producer moniker to left and right in the mid 80’s. It’s almost weird to look at the poster for this and NOT see the Amblin logo.

Now, I will say that this film is not for Sean. It is not for anyone that’s going to walk in and pick on the little details that may get in the way for people who have, well, grown up. Then again, cynics have never really been welcome in this realm. So if you can live with a few moments like that here and there, then you’ll be whisked back to the kind of fun you had 20 years ago.

I got so many chills from this that i literally had to put my Celebration III jacket on! Mimzy is the coolest since Super Toy Teddy. I want one right now. They better sell goddamn Mimzy’s.

Probably my number 2 of the year behind Terabitia, which is still priority over this. WHY HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THAT YET!!!!!!!!

Speaking of, i am SO glad that BRIDGE still came in at number three this weekend. Word of mouth is good. I just hope when YOU hear the word of mouth it won’t include all the potential spoilers that can take away from your experience with a film like that.

Uggg. I feel an anxiety attack coming on from all this. This is why i stopped writing BV’s. I hate when a film is good and no one is seeing it and talking about it. And not in a Bake Snaker way. Everyone knows that those films that he gets worked up over aren’t real wink

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No Responses to “Catch The Last Mimzy Sneak Preview This Sun!”

  1. Cybergosh says:


  2. claire redfield says:

    how do you know what kinds of movies I used to love?  AND “the kind of fun I used to have 20 years ago” was picking on the semi retarded girl in my chorus class, so yeah maybe this movie’s not for me.  But who needs a magical rabbit doll this weekend when you’ve got Donny “not the one in the Departed, the other one” Whalberg killing some goddamn evil dolls!!!!  I want to see normally inanimate objects f*ck sh*t up, not save the world….or the future…or whatever Mimzy’s up to.

  3. Cybergosh says:

    You, Claire, loved V twenty years ago!

  4. claire redfield says:

    Mimzy’s gonna steal our water and eat our guinea pigs????  Awesome.  I’ve been waiting for an update of V that wasn’t Independence boring Day.