Forget 300!  THE HOST Is Where It’s At This Weekend!!

I could never have imagined having such a fun time. A totally unpredictable wake up call to the entire genre.

PS – i dislike 300 the more i think about it. Oh, and looks like i was way off in my earlier predictions. Judging from the 27 million it made on Friday, i suppose we’re looking at, what?…70 – 80 mil this weekend. Wow. I guess it’s good for movies overall. If i was a star i’d be shitting blood right now though. Movies like this show studios that it doesn’t take paying someone 25 mil plus points to pack ’em in. Does anyone really go to see movies just for stars these days?

Go see The Host!

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No Responses to “Forget 300!  THE HOST Is Where It’s At This Weekend!!”

  1. Eros Welker says:

    I saw The Host.  I actually have had it on DVD for weeks now, but was hoping Bake, Berg and I could make the trip… yet we’re impossible folk, so it wasnt meant to be.

    In any case, The Host, while enjoyable in part, is way too long and way too all over the place to be a solid flick.  I see why Berg in his anti-300 ramblings would gravitate towards this film.  From everything I hear, 300’s characters lack a lot of depth, while the quartet in The Host are full of character, some a little too much.  And while the creature is pretty interesting, the whole movie just doesn’t make a ton of sense.

    STORY (some may consider this spoiler, but it’s not)

    So, 7 years ago, some American decides to pour a bunch of chemicals into the Han River.  He doesn’t like that the bottles are dusty. 

    Now, the Han River has produced a mutant (and only one, and for some reason, it’s not until it’s giant that anybody really notices it) and in one fell swoop, it goes on a rampage and runs off with a young girl.

    The family of the young girl (her grandfather, father, aunt and uncle) go on a rescue mission to save her, despite every obstacle put in front of them.  Somewhere in between, there’s some crazy conspiracy about a virus, for no real good reason, nor does it make any sense in the entire film, but it does help stretch the running time by at least an hour.  If The Host was an hour and 20, with a tighter storyline, it could have been a must-see.  The way it is, I find it hard to recommend.

    I’m glad my Xbox 360 played Host to the DVD, instead of me wasting money in theaters.  Creature effects great, characters interesting, storyline not so good. 


  2. Cybergosh says:

    Disappointed…in YOU!