Holmes Out, Gyllenhaal In on the Dark Knight?

picI certainly hope not. I like her okay, don’t get me wrong, she’s fine… but I don’t understand why she’s so famous, and why she has to bring down the hot quotient of the new Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. Not that I go to a Christopher Nolan for babes, but isn’t that what a Hollywood movie is all about? Find the most competent AND sexy actress you can get for the part? So while I’m fine with Katie Holmes taking off as Rachel Dawes (though disappointed that they’re merely looking to recast the role instead of introducing a new character), I’m not so fine with the plain jane Maggie entering the fray. I know I’ll get yelled at for this, but I just don’t see the appeal unless she’s sitting in her own urine. There’s better in the world, folks, and that’s all I’m saying.

Here’s the current news on her “mulling” over the Dark Knight role on SCI FI.

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No Responses to “Holmes Out, Gyllenhaal In on the Dark Knight?”

  1. Cybergosh says:

    Remember when Maggie was cute…in Donnie Darko?  That was not THAT long ago.  The Sarsgaard gave her Pickler’s Disease…trasnforming her into a soccer mom faster than the porn idustry lays claim to its starlets.

    Hey, word on the street is that TOM told Katie that he didn’t want her in the sequel after he read the script and noticed she would have love scenes with the Bale.

  2. batjunky says:

    Always in the minority, I love strong women with natural beauty and laugh in the face of your tweener standards, but I realize you represent the masses.  Anyway, loved Maggie in just about every film she’s been in, and fell for her all over again in Stranger Than Fiction.  So bring it on!  Liked Katie in the first film just fine but won’t miss her.  And can’t wait for the tell-all book she’ll eventually write about her life with TomKat when she looks back and realizes that her career actually ended quite a long time ago.