EG Exclusive Potter Pics!

EG has gotten our hands on a few exclusive pics from a scene in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The controversial scene is believed to be the extension of the flirtation between Harry and Moaning Myrtle. The last we saw the two of them together, the mischievous Myrtle, a teenage ghost who haunts the bathrooms of Hogwarts, was acting extra creepy around a naked Harry, taking peeks at his little magic wand in the hot tub.

Director David Yates tells EG, “We needed to address the fact that Harry is no longer a boy. Everyone is aware how he has grown in his magical abilities, but many forget he has grown equally into a virile young man. And young men have needs.”

Daniel Radcliffe fans will get an extra large treat when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix opens in IMAX on July 13.

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And in other Potter news…

Rumors Swirl Over ‘Harry Potter Island’ at Universal Orlando

(Theme Park Insider Blog) – Whispers are building to a roar that NBC Universal’s about to announce the first major change to Universal’s Islands of Adventure since the park opened in 1999.

Arthur Levine sends word from that “Universal’s creative wizards plan to substantially change one of the park’s five islands and re-theme it to the stories and characters of one of the most popular children’s franchises. And I mean hugely popular.”

A TPI reader wrote “Rumor has it that IOA is going to be re-themeing an area of the park with some major new attractions…what should this be…Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? I have heard that Harry Potter is a go.”

Playing process of elimination: There’s no way Universal would scuttle the theme for Seuss Landing or Marvel Island or Jurassic Park. That leaves “Toon Lagoon,” which could have a new cartoon-related theme imposed on it relatively easily. Or “Lost Continent,” which could be morphed into a LotR or Harry Potter Island with little effort. (Save for a stunning new attraction, of course.) Of the two, Lost Continent has, by far, the weaker overall identity. Plus, the Sindbad show could be swapped for another theme with minimal fuss. And the Poseidon show takes up a large footprint which could be given over to a more impressive ride or show. I would think Dueling Dragons would have to remain, but its backstory could be made to fit any Dragon-friendly narrative, such as Potter.

Stay Tuned to EG for more…

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10 Responses to “EG Exclusive Potter Pics!”

  1. claire redfield says:

    That’s not funny.  I saw Zoo at Sundance, its a serious, heartbreaking documentary, and I think putting pics from it on your silly little blog is irresponsible.

  2. Roger says:

    “Everyone is aware how he has grown in his magical abilities, but many forget he has grown equally into a viral young man.”

    Which virus? Ebola or bird flu?

  3. Radcliffe Junky says:

    This fits nicely with my growing collection of hippogriff porn.  I think that heartbreaking movies should be found guilty of emotional manslaughter and charged formally with being serious.  Conversely, comedy, satire and parody should be held accountable for being goof-a-licious, since they are in no way serious and should not be taken as seriously as serious things should.  Where am I?

  4. maobff says:

    Quiddich obviously does a body good.

    Also I agree with Claire Redfield’s comment.  Actually I agree with anything Claire Redfield says.

  5. Eros Welker says:

    First EXTRAS makes me think he’s got the comic timing… now this makes me realize he could brokeback my mountain!  This is unreal.  I hope Hermione and Ron get this daily.

  6. BurntLeader says:

    I hope everyone realizes these are “kinda” fakes.  Slightly photo-shopped versions of ACTUAL pics from his London Stage performance of Equus, who EG’s own BURNT appeared in at NYU (also semi-nude)!!

  7. Cybergosh says:

    Oh, Burnt.  You’re so funny.  Like the “factor” in human form.  Well,,actually, in comment form.  Who do you think whipped those up?!  hehe

  8. Eros Welker says:

    hahaha.  Totally.  F Burnt Leader!  Burnt, don’t you have 14-year old girls to “enrich?”

  9. claire redfield says:

    Oh, Burnt hangs out with 14 year old girls?  Perhaps that’s why he thought the rest of us needed his help in decoding the subtle sarcastic nuances of this website.  Though even 14 year old girls with a passing interest in pop culture have probably heard of Radcliffe’s casting in Equus MONTHS ago.  Still, much love to Burnt for helping us lessers navigate the snarky terrain that is Entertainment Geekly.  “I hope everyone realizes this is a play on words of the popular magazine “Entertainment Weekly…”

  10. BurntLeader says:

    Now . .  I hope everyone realizes that it was all a ploy for all of YOUS to picture me semi-nude, like my lover, Danny Radcliffe. (AND BTW, they are 17 year olds)!