Crispin IS Montag the Magnificent

Fangoria recently caught up with Crispin Glover, who gave us the skinny on his starring role in the remake of the Herschell Gordon Lewis splatter flick THE WIZARD OF GORE.

In the update, directed by Jeremy (ALL SOULS DAY) Kasten, Glover stars opposite such Fango favorites as Jeffrey Combs and Brad Dourif, plus HOSTEL: PART II heroine Bijou Philips. “I felt that when I watched the original movie, I could see where VIDEODROME came from,” says Glover of the first WIZARD. “I haven’t read a lot about David Cronenberg, but I imagine that because of his age, and what his interests were, he would have seen that movie. There are certainly reality plays within that original film, which are interesting—there is stuff to do with television in the first WIZARD, people being hypnotized through TV, so there are similarities between that and VIDEODROME.”

WIZARD casts Glover as “Montag the Magnificent,” an underground illusionist whose bloody stage tricks come true for their unfortunate subjects. “There are similarities” in the new film to Gordon’s 1970 cheapie, according to Glover, “but a number of differences too. There are scenes in the original that I liked a lot, and which weren’t in this new screenplay [by Zach Chassler]. However, I requested that they put them in there, and one of those was with Bijou Philips. It’s the showdown scene from the first film, between Montag and the girl; that wasn’t in the new script, but I felt it was really important and I didn’t sign the contract until it was written. So they did that—but that doesn’t mean that they have to put in the film, of course. However, it came out good and the director seemed to like it, though I have also heard that he needs to cut the film down because it is currently too long. But I enjoyed it; it was a good character, and I definitely play him differently from how he is done in the original movie. I had a good time with it.”

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