Christopher Lee Sings

Available for download on itunes. Learn more about this amazing album, sure to rock the Mines till they can’t take no Moria.


Christopher Lee is releasing a new solo album on CD. Mr. Lee, with singing credits in numerous movies and operatic excerpts throughout his distinguished career, and fresh from his successful collaboration with metal band Rhapsody, has taken another adventurous leap with “Revelation”

Recorded and filmed in the UK, US and Spain, “Revelation” is the ultimate collection of songs for movie and music fans.

Additional tracks combine Mr. Lee the actor and singer, playing the romantic knight errant, Don Quijote in his own interpretation of “The Impossible Dream”, which opens with the story’s characters narrating an introduction to the song itself.

The album’s finale, “My Way”, is a true mirror of Christopher Lee’s own life. Arguably, the most recognisable voice in entertainment, Mr. Lee’s storied career has been unconventional. He has never played it safe or has been scared of a challenge – He has done it His Way.

read more at or google the shit out of it.

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4 Responses to “Christopher Lee Sings”

  1. Cybergosh says:

    i am ordering this right away!

    and for more bried lee vocals:

  2. Rebecca says:



    this cannot be real.  but i thank the unholy eye if it is!

  3. junky says:

    It brings me such a dear smile.  I love that he did this only last year.  You know how proud he must be.  The tone of that woman at the beginning of the Don Quixote track is amazing.  She sounds like a junkie they pulled in from the recording studio parking lot.

    Thank you for understanding the beauty of this.  Thank you.

  4. Brad Burrows says:

    That’s fantastic, i really like it.