And Anthony Daniels has a special message for those of you who (like me) give a crap!

Read all about it !

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5 Responses to “STAR TOURS TURNS 20 TODAY”

  1. Cybergosh says:

    Happy Birthday, Rex!

  2. mdhuff says:

    Wow.  It’s been 20 years?  Wow.  I guess it makes me feel better about something I’ve been thinking for some time:  that ride needs a make-over.  They need to redesign with modern tech.  I love it.  They should keep it, just update the effects and tech.  Problem is, we’ll end up with Jar Jar flying the ship and “Excuse me/You’re welcome” battle droids trying to make jokes.

  3. junky says:

    I love this ride as much today as when i first rode on it.  All I want is for them to KEEP THE EXISTING RIDE exactly as-is, but to create a NEW DESTINATION.  That way, you can choose whether you want to go to Endor (original ride) or some new place, probably from the prequels (Suckytown!)

    Seriously, that would be cool.  Hell, its supposed to be an intergalactic travel agency!

    I also want the original one-sheet poster for this ride, dammit.


  4. Cybergosh says:

    Yes.  Yes.  Right now there are six Starspeeder 3000’s.  Three to the right and three to the left.  Three should stay the same (classic journey to Endor)…the other three, i believe should either be one new adventure from the prequels, as has been discussed for the last ten years…or, even better…THREE new adventures…maybe two from Prequel planets and one addition classic planet..this way we’d have two new and two classic destinations….

    Around Episode I they almost transformed the WHOLE attraction into a Podracing theme.  Although i myself am a seasonal Podracer, i am happy this plan did not go through. Every now and then Disney or George hint at a refurb ( but nothing ever seems to come of any of it.  Maybe that’s for the best.

    I think it should still be us guests being whisked away in Starspeeder 3000’s to various planets.  And i think Rex should ALWAYS be our pilot wherever we go.

  5. junky says:

    LOL why not have all six go to a different destination?  Seriously, yours is a great idea but the clogging of lines that would try to get onto all those different rides would probably be hellish, so they’d either have to build 6 more or just do a 3/3 split between two destinations.

    I hope this is what they do.  I mean, c’mon it seems so fucking obvious – it’s a travel agency, just add another resort spot!  Bring back REubens to do another version of REx, or bring in someone new and create a brand new captain for the new attraction.

    Anyway, hope this happens – Lucas mentioning it at Celebration III gives hope.  The fact that it wasn’t updated for Disney’s 50th means that MAYBE…

    …they’re waiting for THIS year, when Star Wars turns 30 and the ride turns 20?  Maybe at this year’s star wars weekends things will be xtra special…