Xbox 360 fall update details revealed: 1080p, auto-download, WMV playback and more

Microsoft has finally seen fit to release the details of its Xbox 360 dashboard update. Scheduled for release the morning of October 31st — yes, that’s tomorrow — the update will add the much-talked about 1080p / HD DVD support, as well as the ability to play WMV files from a connected PC, disc, or USB storage device. Currently, users can only stream video from connected Windows Media Center PCs, but any XP machine running Windows Media Connect or Windows Media Player 11 should be able to do it post-update, as demonstrated during a press conference in Japan with several 720p-encoded videos. This compares to the PlayStation 3’s recently-revealed compatibility with MPEG-4 and other video files, but so far neither has announced support for DivX / Xvid and Media Transcode 360 still requires Media Center. Apparently only 84 things needed fixing this time, down from the 125 in the spring update, including the option to automatically download demos of new Xbox Live Arcade titles, Zune media streaming, wireless headset support, XNA Game Studio Express and numerous improvements to video playback and menu handling.

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One Response to “Xbox 360 fall update details revealed: 1080p, auto-download, WMV playback and more”

  1. junky says:

    I will download this update but thus far have not taken much advantage of my LIVE account.  A few awesome arcade games, some demos, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I dig it.

    But I’m hesitant to drop very necessary firewalls on my PC to communicate wirelessly with xbox, just to run videos.  I WANT TO, but I’m far too worried to do so.

    Not to into the HD DVD thang yet.  Gonna hold off and see how things go with that medium.  Will no doubt pick up a PS3 by Jan-Feb, and check out the blu ray.

    Also, don’t have 1080 capability on my set, but so noted for the future…

    BTW – MARVEL ULTIMATE game is fucking fun.  I’ve been playing it nonstop.  There are some minigames located inside that would be bad spoilers to reveal, but let’s just say they’ll put a smile on your face.

    Clever and fun stuff.  I’ve had so much fun I haven’t even popped Justice League Heroes into the xbox yet…