Addams Family TV Show On iTunes


Yep. They’ve added Season One of the old Addams Family TV show to the iTunes store. $1.99 per episode or $43.78 for the season.


The Addams Family, America’s first family of ghastly giddiness, are here in all their goulish glory in 32 episodes from the first season of the original TV series based on the delightfully demented imagination of Charles Addams. Tarantulas, torture racks, and tombstones have never been so much fun! Join Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Cousin Itt, and the rest of the gang for a fiendishly funny and altogether kooky experience.

[Editor’s Note: It does say “32” episodes in the text, but it appears there are only 22]

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One Response to “Addams Family TV Show On iTunes”

  1. junky says:

    I picked up the season one dvd this week, along with Sesame Street Volume One.

    I can’t believe Christa never watched this when it was in syndication.

    Growing up, I always preferred Addams Family to the Munsters.  So much so that although I loved Fred Gwyne, I used to switch off the Munsters.  Their show was very much a sitcom that relied heavily on the gimmick, and was always quite “cute” about the family.

    Whereas the Addams Family, stemming from Charles Addams’ voice in his series of comics, seemed to be slightly more subtle.  Still a sitcom with laugh track and all, somehow the Addams family seemed more interesting to me.  Most especially memorable is John Astin’s performance as Gomez, easily one of the best television characters of all time.  And boy howdy did I wanna mount Morticia. 

    The Addams family were always well-meaning, even though they had distaste for normal people and their disgusting lack of anything disgusting. 

    They were also rich and had a much better house than that lunch-pail swinging Herman and his fat wife. 

    Anyway, this show is one of the best of all time.  The movies paled in comparison.