Indy IV…27 years after the Ark.

“Summer 2008” is what Lucasfilm annouced as the opening date for Indy IV at The Licensing 2006 International trade show in New York. I’m guessing this means we can expect Indy back on the big screen around Wed, May 21, 2008. Let’s see if it sticks this time…

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One Response to “Indy IV…27 years after the Ark.”

  1. Junktape says:

    Personally I’m more excited for the new Indy video game on xbox 360.  I suppose if a new movie is the only way that’s gonna happen, I’ll have to live with it, lol. 

    Seriously, it could go either way.  But I’ve lost a lot of hope in both Speilberg and Lucas, especially when it comes to a family-friendly hollywood franchise.  But hey, at least there’s no Jar-Jar.  Unless Short Round is now a digital Yeti.