Must Love Jaws

Recommended by Snake Baker – almost as good as Shining and Brokeback to the Future. Only reason it’s not as good in my book — is that it breaks the trailer rules and shows things that normally would never be seen in a real trailer (even though still very funny). One of the best edits of its kind…

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3 Responses to “Must Love Jaws”

  1. Burnt Leader says:

    Awesome!!  and “Recommended by Snake Baker”??  why isn’t HE posting.  Ha!!

  2. Eros Welker says:

    FANtastic.  I hear what you’re saying about breaking trailer rules, but it’s all for laughs – why not?  I love this trailer re-imagining… I suppose some day someone will beat me to my Indiana Jones trailer that I wanted to do.

  3. Junk in the tape says:

    Yes, only pointed out breaking the rules as the subtle and only reason it’s not my #1 fave.  But it’s fucking brilliant nonetheless.  I wish I was going to whatever school is making these a class project.  Man, if I were in NYU now with a copy of final cut, the things I would do…

    Snake posts all the time, he just mentioned this video to me in passing so when I found it I posted it right away.